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Our Lord Jesus Christ Speaks

On: The Fascination with the Sin of the Flesh


My Children, today I want to speak to you about the fascination with the sin of the flesh.

 The human being was created to share the Divine Live of My Father, his Creator. Man should maintain his human life united to his spiritual life and in this way he wouldn’t suffer any change, everything was going to develop in the Divine scope, in such a way that life on earth would be very similar to live in Heaven, the difference only would be given by the body used to be able to live on Earth.


As I have explained to you already, the soul, covered by a body or without it, must always maintain itself united to the Life of its God. The nature of the soul is divine; you were created in the Image and Likeness of your God!


The Holy Scriptures explain to you the fall of your First Parents. The devil, in the form of a snake, deceives the woman promising her that they will be like gods if they listen to him and, when falling, he fascinates the woman, who in turn, fascinates the senses of the man.


What has caused this fascination in the human gender?


The gift of life, the gift of procreation, the most precious Grace that My Father conceded to man, the fascination with the sin committed converted it into the lowest and most deplorable vice of Creation. You were created by Love and you were given a task of love, procreation, Divine gift, that when used in the strict sense would be sublime, since it would be giving its God the most precious gift; new lives, new beings that would love Him eternally. The fascination with sin accepted by your First Parents attracted, for their descendants, the death of the Perpetual Grace and a tremendous battle from then on which the whole human race would have to suffer.


My Children, this fascination with the sin of the flesh is so strong that, practically, no one has been able to savehimself from falling in it. At all ages, in all the towns of earth, both sexes, at all cultural levels, religious and laity of all denominations, everyone, some time, has suffered the fascination of the sin of the flesh, either the desire, or the act.


Now, in the times that you are living, this vice, this venom for the soul, attacks you continuously and, unfortunately, takes many souls, because man, having separated from his God, doesn’t find the strength in another place to protect himself from such great attack.


The young people, attacked by other young people or adults, create a chain that starts breaking the most sacred links. Adultery has become very natural and normal in this time. The pre-marital relations, are talked about and practices as the most normal, accepted and recommended so you will “know each other” before marriage. Sex classes are given, arguing that in this way, you don’t come with your eyes blindfolded into marriage. The “planning of children” is advised to make the couple happier. You are talked of so many aberrations, My children, that you no longer know if what they say is good or not. The fascination with sex keeps on claiming victims day-by-day and all because man has not followed what I came to teach him.


It’s sad, very sad, to see how the young marriages don’t last. Their marriage ideals, in great part, have been reduced only for the sexual pleasure and the accumulation of material goods, the children…, can wait. But more so, it is very sad to see the marriages of many, united for many years, which are destroyed because they fall into the fascination with the sin of flesh.


Why has this happened to you, My little ones? The answer is simple:




The devil has led you to deify your body and your senses. The enjoyment of sex that My Father granted you, for procreation:


-Obviously, it is not bad and it becomes holy when it carried out in the marriage and procreating.

-It turns into a vice and grave sin when it is carried outside the marriage, by the selfishness of one or both sides, because it does not lead to the end for which it was created.


The soul, sustained by the virtues of the spirit, must know how to dominate the immeasurable joy which leads it to become a vice and in that way, turn its back to your divine nature, you were created in the Image and Likeness of God! This means, that it is the virtue, the power of the Spirit in the soul, who has to overcome. If the devil teaches you to fascinate your carnal instinct, My Holy Spirit teaches you to dominate it, so in that way you can maintain your divine nature.


I have told you many times that your soul is the most valued treasure that you possess and of your spirituality it will depend towards where you will direct it.


When man, through his history, has let himself be overcome by the flesh, the people have suffered greatly. Wars, calamities, purifications, have been suffered by men and the people because of having deified the body and forgotten God. The fascination with the flesh takes you from vice to vice and in that way the devil lowers you until it makes you fall in a vortex without exit.


When the spirituality is weak or null, the human being gets desperate or lets himself loose to sin, in other words, many, when they don’t find an exit to their troubles, they commit suicide or predominantly depraved, this happening in both sexes.


When you’ve had a spiritual support in your first education, in the home, in spite that you fall you can get up, because you know how to value good and evil. The soul that chooses good, in spite of having fallen, becomes triumphant and hardily will fall again in the same thing. That is why I have insisted so much on the spiritual life in the family, giving it to the little ones from the first months of age. You can’t imagine how much this helps the souls against the attacks of a whole life. Why do you believe that the devil attacks the family so much?


This is the great power that you have and which defeats him easily: prayer and a life of virtue within the family, which turn out to be the most powerful arms for those who practice it. When My Teachings have not been lived in the home, these souls will be able hardly to defend themselves against the fascination of sin, which will promptly attack their lives.


Many who have not had that contact with My Teachings or who have not wanted to accept them now have turned into great instruments of Satan. Some of them, utilizing the communications media, offer the fascination with the flesh as something fun and necessary for all human beings.


My Children, My little ones, the devil has always been the great deceiver and has known how to deceive even the wisest of earth. Only with My Grace, with My Help, with My Breath of Life, you will be able to confront him and defeat him. A soldier cannot present himself to the battle front without arms or armor, if not, he will quickly succumb.


I give you everything necessary to overcome. The soul who trusts in Me and lets itself be guided by Me, will have many more probabilities to overcome in this earthly battle, than the soul who is away from Me.


Wickedness already is much and it cannot keep going like this. Pray intensely so I can intercede before My Father for all of you and even for all of those who have fallen strongly in the fascination of evilness.


I bless you in the Name of My Father and in the Name of Love of My Holy Spirit.




Our note:

We are bombed with pornography by all sides, especially in the Internet. Provocative photos appear in any kind of pages, advertisements, movies, music, magazines, in other words, by all sides. Since this is impossible to avoid, as Jesus tells us, the only way we won’t succumb is coming closer to Him. To be confessed, receiving communion, and already with the habit of praying every day. Only then we will be armored. The images will keep on reaching us and we will feel the darts but they won’t have any pernicious effect in us. The Love of God seals us.


The sins of the flesh are dangerous because they can lead us to grave depravations, difficult to come out of. And death can surprise us in that state, then our soul will be in grave danger.


As we have said before, God is not a repressive God, the sexual act is blessed by Him, when it is realized in the marriage, but Jesus in the previous paragraphs says clearly that sex becomes a vice and grave sin when it is done outside of the marital union that has been blessed by God.


And lastly, it’s interesting how Jesus explains to us the fascination of the senses, cause of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve.




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