To pray is to talk with God and to think of Him with love. We should pray as Jesus prayed. He praised his Father, game Him thanks, asked for the forgiveness of the sins of men, and would plea for his help. Prayer unites us to God, strengthens us against wickedness, and obtains for us many graces.

Jesus recommended to us to pray when He said: “Ask and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you”. (Matthew 7:7)

Prayer is not a mechanical or repetitive act. Pray from your soul so your prayers will fly to Heaven, and they will be  heard as a declaration of love. Love of the child for his Beloved Father, his Beloved Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

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Trisagion of the Most Holy Spirit   

The Octave of Consagration to God the Father of all Humanity 

Devotion to the Holy Sacrament of the Altar 

Beautiful Didactic Dialogs for Humanity     

The Apostles Creed     

Prayers to our Lady of Guadalupe

Devotion to our lady of the Cenacle   

The Anima Christi   

Hail Holy Queen - Memorare - Regina Coeli   

The 15 Prayers of Saint Bridget   

Act of Consecration to ST. Michael Archangel   

The Memorare

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, prayers, scapular and novena  

Pray in front of a Crucifix   

Rosary of the Holy Trinity I and II   

Rosary or Crown of acknowledgements to the Holy Trinity  

The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary     

Rosary of the Sorrowful Mysteries     

Rosary for our Lady Queen of Heaven    

Rosary to the Immaculate Conception    

Rosary of the Passion of Jesus    

Rosary of the spiritual armor given by the Holy Virgin 

Rosary in Honor of the Child Jesus of Good Health   

The Holy Rosary of The Gethsemane    

The Rosary of Jesus     

The Rosary of the 1000 Hail Mary's    

The Rosary of the Good Shepherd   

Holy Rosary of Ejaculations to the miraculous Medal   

Rosary to Saint Joseph 

Rosary to Saint Joseph 2 and 3  

Rosary to Saint Joseph 4 

Rosary for the Souls of the Purgatory

Rosary for the Souls of the Purgatory 2

Franciscan Rosary or Crown   

Franciscan Rosary or Crown number 2   

Chaplet of trust in God the Father to seek his protection    

Chaplet to the Child Jesus of Prague to honor the mysteries of his infancy   

Chaplet in honor of the Holy Spirit    

Chaplet of love to the Immaculate Heart of Mary    

Chaplet of repentance and salvation    

Chaplet to the Sacred Heart of Jesus    

Chaplet Prayer for the Little Crown of The Blessed Virgin Mary   

Chaplet of Mary Eternal Pilgrim   

Chaplet of the twelve stars in honor of the very special twelve graces 

Chaplet to the souls of Purgatory  

The Chaplet of St. Michael    

Single Chaplet to make amend to Holy Mary for every day  

A Litany of our Lady of Guadalupe 

Litany of our Lady of Lourdes 

Litany of St. Martin de Porres 

The Woman dressed with the Sun 

Canticle of the Holy Spirit: Words of Life 

Messages from Father Pío to a soul (To be read and meditated)  

The booklet of the Purging Church, prepared by Jesus 

The 6th Commandment: A deep analysis from the Virgin   

The Nine prayers of Saint Gregory The Great (The Maremagnum)   

Soon you will have among you supposed brothers that came from heaven    

How to increase the value of the Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary    

I wish you to speak of my Immaculate Heart   

The symbol of the Ictus will be the sign of My Marian Shelters   

The life of each one of you has a  great divine purpose   

Satan will try to destroy those souls that are still praying   

What I will allow to happen is part of My absolute Goodness   

You can't imagine... from where this falsehood is coming from   

A King cannot reign without his people 

I will decide who remains

Satan will try to destroy those souls that are still praying 

Hell exists and we might go there (Father Marcel Nault) 

I am the great treasure, I am that precious pearl, I am your future.... 

My Second Coming is near and I won't come in silence 

My Love must purify everything that Satan affected: The entire Universe 

Your change has to be now 

The silence of creation calls for seclusion and prayer

These are the signs that.... Satan is preparing to come down to Earth again and live among you   

Pray for the souls in Purgatory  

The suffering souls in Purgatory  

I am the Church. The Church was founded by me and it will never die 

I come for my people, for those who remain faithful 

The fascination with the sin of the flesh 

Urgent call from St. Michael to the priests 

Priests are human beings

You have de duty of overcoming temptation

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part I 

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part II  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part III  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part IV  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part V  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part VI  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part VII  

Series Lamenti Divini (Divine Laments) Part VIII  

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter I "For This"  

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter II "The New Man"  

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter III "Christ resurrected" 

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter IV "The two wings of the great eagle

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter V "The enormous red dragon

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter VI "The beast similar to a phanter"  

Messages to Father Gobbi Chapter VII "The beast similar to a lamb" 













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