La creación llama a la oración

 Call from Sanctifying Mary to humanity




Children of my heart, the peace of God be with all of you.

The silence of creation calls for seclusion and prayer, the days of purification are near; don’t be afraid, remain united in prayer to God and your Mother and I assure you that not even one of your hairs will be lost. My Children, praise the glory of God and ask for the reign of our two hearts; very soon wickedness and sin will disappear, to give way to a new life, where the glory of God will be with you; don’t be saddened by the events that are about to happen, better yet be glad, because a new heaven and a new earth await you; the peace, the joy and the love of our two hearts await for you; I am telling you, that your sufferings and mortifications are nothing compared with the glory that awaits you. Remain firm in the trials and offer your sorrows each day, for your salvation, your family’s salvation, and for all the sinners of the entire world.


My Children, it’s a time of forgiveness, don’t harbor any grudges with your brothers; love and forgive and the force of love and forgiveness, will lead you safely to the doors of the Heavenly Jerusalem. Remember that never was it said that anyone ever had recourse to my protection was left forsaken; if it was up to me, I would take all of you to heaven, but how much sadness I feel knowing that so many, the immense majority, will say no to the God of life and love.


Children of my heart, the days of trial are near, join up around your Mother who loves you so much and looks after each one of you, my beloved children; pray my Holy Rosary and I will give you my protection, my rosary will be your shield; after each ten beads say these exclamations that I give you, for these times of purification.


O Mary, my Mother, be our shelter and protection in these days of purification. Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, give us salvation and take us to the glory of the Father. Amen.

My little ones, I also want to give you a prayer of consecration to the Heavenly Father, so you will do it every day and ask for His holy protection in the days of trials.


O Heavenly Father, beloved Lord of heaven and earth, King of kings and Lord of lords. God of the armies. I consecrate myself to you, that everything be done unto me, according to Your will. Give me Your holy protection and bless my family, my home, my country, my city, my work, and all my being. Beloved Father, don’t mind my sins, look at me with eyes of mercy and give me the grace of remaining firm and faithful to You, in the trials that are getting closer. That your holy blessing remains in me, in mine, so together with our Mother Mary, we may enjoy your salvation, forever and ever. Amen.


Courage, my little ones, everything will result according to the will of My Father; unite yourselves to me, and to the Angels, so together we can praise the glory of God.

May the blessing of the Father, protect you.

May the blessing of the Son, liberate you.

May the blessing of the Spirit of God, sanctify you. And my holy intercession accompany you always. Your Mother, Sanctifying Mary.


Message given to Enoch

December 5, 2011





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