La creación llama a la oración

  Calling from Sanctifying Mary to the Catholic world


 My little children of my heart, the peace of God be with all of you.

My little children, I am very sad and can’t stop crying, for this ungrateful and sinful humanity; now the will of my Father must be accomplished and with it His Holy Justice. I will keep on interceding for all my children and very especially for the ones farthest away from the house of the Father; until the last second I will continue to beg to the Father for them.

My Father has already lowered his arm and will start all the events described in his Holy Word, for these last times. Everything is now consummated. Pray with me little ones of mine and I, your Mother, will intercede in front of the Father, that your purification be bearable. Fateful days are coming for humanity, but if you flock of my son, remain united to your Father and Heavenly Mother, everything will pass and the days, my Father will shorten them more, so you will be able to bear the tests of your purification.

My children, a home that is a cenacle of prayer and the Holy Rosary is prayed with fervor and meditation; a home where the Holy Word of God is put into practice, the precepts are observed, and it is consecrated to our two hearts, will be a shelter for the times of persecution; and I your Mother, will cover with my mantle and will make it invisible to the attacks and persecutions of the Wicked one and his demons. So now you know, so you will make your homes fortresses of prayer that will protect you in these times of darkness.

My children, these homes of prayer must be clean of all contamination with the world; the persons living there must live in communion with God and peace, harmony, and prayer must reign in them. No one must live away from God’s commandments, or can people live in them that live in a free union, adultery, or mortal sin. If there are young ones, they must consecrate to my Immaculate Heart and not listen to mundane music, or from my adversary, and no fornication with your couple. All that live in these homes must observe all the precepts of My Father, only in this way, they will be chosen as my Marian shelters.
The sign of the Ictus or fish will be the sign for my Marian shelters. This sign must be placed at the entrance of the main door; in the inside of the door you must place a: A Stop (Détente), the Glorious Cross of Dozulé, the Divine Face of my Son, a Saint Michael medal, a Miraculous Virgin Mary Medal, and a medal or image of my beloved spouse Saint Joseph. Everything has to be blessed by one of my favorite sons (a priest).

My children, these homes selected as my shelters, will be protected by the hand of My Father and by Me, when the Angel of Divine Justice passes spilling the cup of bitterness over humanity. I ask you children, that the homes that meet these conditions start preparing as shelters for my children in these times of persecution. Children, in these homes there must not be discrimination, arrogance, or envy; in the contrary, that charity and love be open to receive my tired and anguished children in their walk through the desert. Start preparing now your shelters, because creation is about to start a transformation and the time of the divine justice is knocking at the door. That the peace of God be with you and my maternal protection will assist you. Your Mother, Sanctifying Mary.
Spread my messages, children of my heart.

Message to Enoch, March 25, 2012


 Note: In this message, the Holy Virgin is referring to the time of the Antichrist, when the Christian religions are going to be banned. The Marian shelters are going to be hidden from the eyes of anyone, that is why She explains that you must have various sacramental placed in the entrance door. We must remember the following: 1. Holy life from the residents of the house. 2. Prepare the sacramental.
In future messages to the visionaries of the last times, they will be explaining with greater detail
regarding the Marian shelters. For now, we stay with this explanation.



 The fish (Ictus) as a sign of Our Lord Jesus Christ has been used since antiquity. After the Ascension of the Lord, the first Christians realize that the word fish and in Greek and in Latin (Ictus) is an anagram that referred to Jesus. In other words, each letter of the word Ictus (fish), is the initial of a word that points to the Master: I (Jesus), C (Christus - Christ), T (Theos-God), U (Uius –Son), S (Soter – Savior). Ictus means: Jesus Christ God Son Savior.

In various apparitions of the Holy Virgin, she asked that the Ictus be put in the doors of the houses, which is described in detail in the books I have mentioned on the apparitions at Peñablanca.

Even if it seems incredible, some very well-known members of the clergy mock this, unknowing that the Ictus is in many Churches and Altars. Unfortunately, they worsened the situation by making it public through the media, with which they confused many Catholics.

I think that even if a few years have passed since the Holy Virgin gave this message in Peñablanca, each time it is more necessary that families put their homes under the divine protection, paying attention to Her request of placing the Ictus in the doors of the houses.


 “In each door the Ictus should be placed as a sign of Christianism.”

“Don’t be afraid, those that have the Ictus with faith will be saved.”

“The Second Coming of Christ is very close, prepare and be watchful.”

“It is a symbol of Our Lord Jesus Christ that means: I am with Him and will be forever and ever.”

“Place the Ictus in the doors of your houses, and don’t be afraid because the time has come for the decisive battle: the ones who are with God and the ones against Him.”

 This is an explanation given by Father Contardo in reference to what the Holy Virgin indicated in the apparitions in Peñablanca, Chile. These apparitions are under investigation/study by the Vatican.


Translation by Carmen Morell





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