Before starting with the prayer, we advise you to meditate on this text dictated in Spanish by Jesus regarding the subject of the blessed souls of Purgatory. Then you can come back to this page to pray or copy the prayer. (Link)

On a standard Rosary.


The Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary’s (3), and Glory Be.

On the Big Beads:
Eternal Father, by the Precious Blood of Jesus poured for us and by Your Holy Grace, extend Your Hand and pour Your Mercy over our brothers; the souls of Purgatory.

On the Small Beads:
Lord Jesus, By Your Passion and by Your Cross, We beg you, Free the souls of Purgatory.

Final Prayer (after the 5 tens)

Infinitely Good Father, To You for which everything was created, We beg you, that by the Water and Blood that gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, make Your Mercy come down to the deepest part of Purgatory to free from there the suffering souls that remain far away from You. Open the doors to Your Kingdom, so close to You, they may share the Eternal Joys. Through Mary, Our Mother, we beg you. Amen.



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