Joyous and glorious the liberated soul, passes from the sorrows of Purgatory to the delights of Paradise, surrounded with lights, full of Heavenly graces. When the liberation of the purging souls is asked all of Heaven moves towards Me and, if it sees I want to free one, they join the prayer that is done on earth in support and complement of the same prayer. And that support is necessary, because frequently the motives that move a wayfarer (Jesus uses in this text this word, which means: creature that is in this life and aspires and walks to eternity) to ask me for the liberation of the purgative souls, are purely of human order or insufficiently supernatural.

That's why, while I receive petitions from earth, I also receive petitions from Heaven in favor of the souls in Purgatory; but the Blessed never ask to be heard; therefore, if they see I don't want to concede the liberation, they don't ask.

From there it follows that the favorable acceptance is conditioned for everyone to My Love, in which later the movement of prayer is generated either from you, or in my Blessed. If you feel moved to pray it is because I want to give liberation and glory to some soul, but in the time and in the way established by Me.

Who thinks that I Am the first one that desires the joy of those saved souls but suffering?

Who ponders that without My desire they wouldn't ask Me for one or for another soul of Purgatory?

The creature who is on earth thinks he does everything on his own, while nothing can be done without Me. Nothing! Who of you understands the nothing? More likely, many think that by accumulating prayers and prayers you are able to move Me, as if I was hard of Heart and had need of My creatures to help!

Pray, pray always and ask, I tell you: Ask, but with a humble, simple spirit, recognizing that My Kindness is what can make the miracle of the liberation. And most of all, pray for the motive that I want, because no human reason can equal My Will which disposes everything in you for the acceptance of the prayer that you make to Me.

To convince you that it is this way, I invite you to consider that the souls in sorrow experience great refreshment for the fact that when you pray for them, you do it in My Will. Consider that they are contrary to certain prayers of you asking immediate liberation.

They don't want liberation but only when I Want it. Also consider the sum of sacrifices I have imposed on myself for love of them and how happy I am of having led them to safety. That's why, reflex well in that I Am the main wheel of your prayers; that you don't do them by chance or by your idea, but by My Will.

From this follows that perhaps I should listen to you in a short time or after a long time? It's not a matter of time, but of the fulfillment of My particular conditions which I set in respect of the soul that is going to be liberated or the person or persons which are imploring Me.

There is not set rule regarding that, outside of My liberality (charity, disposition), the salvation of the purgative soul depends on the fulfilling of the conditions placed by Me. And it is not the last of these conditions the obtaining, in the part of the one who implores Me, of a certain degree of Divine love that varies from person to person.

Everything is harmoniously merged and My work of salvation had an admirable crown in the liberation of the most acute sorrows of Purgatory.

Certainly, the power over those souls is an absolute prerogative of Mine. And the Church on earth is fully in the truth, including this matter as in all others that are proper of the wayfarers. Oh, if it was understood what maternal eagerness moves My Church to pray for the deceased and, most of all, if at least if it could be understood a bit that conclusion of prayers that the Church puts when it implores acceptance by My Merits, or better, by My Honor.

In exchange, it could be a long way. Better yet, I limit myself in telling them that the souls in Purgatory, liberated by Me with their prayers and with the offerings they make to Me, consider them as most loved brothers to which they owe their happiness in a subordinated plain.

That's why you can't imagine how much gratitude they have for you and how they pray to Me for you...

You bring them out of their strongest sufferings that can exist in a good soul and, how are they not going to be thankful for it? They see My Kindness, but they also see your help and know how to correspond for the gift that is done for them, with a very burning love.

Pray for them, pray! I will hear you and they will help you avoid Purgatory. What you do for them, remember, I consider it as being done to Me.



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