(God the Holy Spirit Speaks)

The Savior, daughter of God, is besotted of Souls, because He loves them with an infinite love. I, Spirit of God, am speaking to you.


Each soul was present in the mind of the Savior in his Crucifixion, and every pain He felt, He offered it to the Eternal Father for each soul in particular and for all, in general. There in his thoughts were the agnostics, the impious, the criminals, the rapists. While He was dying little by little in His cruel Crucifixion, He loved each soul in particular and all, in general.


One look of love that you take of the Crucified, He will be immensely grateful for the consolation it is in his atrocious torments. A look of love that you make to Christ on the Cross, you are giving Him an incomparable balm to Him who suffered so much. Love to the Eternal Father and to the creatures, which ungratefully and wildly walk through stony ways towards eternal condemnation, because they have not wanted or want to hear anything of the Love of Loves, who loved even to torture, until the cruelest martyrdom letting Himself be martyrized for each soul and for all, in general. There the assassins, the delinquents, the usurers, the prostitutes were present, because children of God, He did not die only for those who loved Him throughout their lives. He died for everyone and the most criminal was present in his thoughts, and for him He suffered and offered his cruel and atrocious death.


Whoever prays in front of a Christ, in front of a Crucifix, attracts for his soul many great graces, because whoever recognizes who redeemed him is giving a testimony of faith and incomparable love. Children of God, console your Redeemer in his Passion and offer to Him in front of the most holy Cross, acts of love and faith, because He is the one who voluntarily redeemed you and rescued you of eternal perdition. I, Spirit of God, am speaking to you. The peace of the Most Holy Trinity be always with you.




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