When you return to the Kingdom of Heaven, you come to different levels of spirituality and, with it, also different positions within the Kingdom of Heaven.
My Love must purify everything that Satan affected and this is, the entire Universe, because Satanís wickedness affected everything created, the whole Creation.
The son must always look like the Father and you, all of you, are My children and must transmit Me to your brothers through your presence between them.
You are very close now of the great spiritual tribulation that you will have, My little ones, in a worldly level, in which Satan will try to deceive you.
You must give yourselves completely, as My Son gave Himself for you, the recompense that will come to you, will be fromMy part, will be spiritual and will be eternal.

Message of God the Father to J.V.





On: When you return to the Kingdom of Heaven, you come to different levels of spirituality and, with it, also different positions within the Kingdom of Heaven.

My children, as a Father that I Am of all of you, My Grace continuously is shed over each one of you andover the mission that each one of you has been assigned before you came down to Earth and had your conception.

My little ones, you are infinitely valuable toMe, firstly, because it is for My Love that you have been created and, if My Love is My Essence, you are part of that Essence and for that I love you infinitely as I love Myself infinitely, and thatís why I am always caring for you and looking to solve all your needs, especially the spiritual, because you are only on Earth for a moment, and your material needs will be for that moment of eternity. You are My Essence, My Essence is Spiritual, and it is your soul the one who has to grow in the spiritual environment. But you are mistaking the way when you are on Earth and let yourselves go by Satanís schemes, which lead you towards lies, towards wickedness, and makes you believe that you need the material more than the spiritual and, in that way, the mission with which you were going to be big, later in the Kingdom of Heaven for having accomplished it satisfactorily, or I wanting to say, perfectly, because you did not take advantage of it, you lost the opportunity, because you wasted the time in being in things of the world and not growing in what was going to give you eternal Life.

Yes, My little ones, when you return to the Kingdom of Heaven, you come to different levels of spirituality and, with it, also different positions within the Kingdom of Heaven.

I have spoken to you that in the Kingdom of Heaven there are different levels of rewards and according to what you have given and allowed in your heart, is what you will give you that position after you have accomplished with your earthly life. Because of that, I repeat it to you again, you must be more conscious of your spiritual life, so you will give your maximum, because this total giving that you will have on Earth, will be rewarded in different levels in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Procure, then, to be in the highest levels, close to Me, your God, and you will see the great joy you will receive, that now you donít even imagine it but, in Faith, you must act what I ask, My little ones. Struggle, that I will reward you immensely.
Thank you, my little ones.






On: My Love must purify everything that Satan affected and this is, the entire Universe, because Satanís wickedness affected everything created, the whole Creation.

My children, I want to keep on talking to you of My Love. You, as I told you, you were created to bring love to Earth. You came to battle against Satanís wickedness; you came to plant love where hate existed, and wickedness, against all that does not come from Me, but from the enemy. You were given graces, virtues, capabilities coming from Me, your God, and everything so firstly you would grow in the Love and, once full of My Love, you could transmit it to your brothers.

My Love must purify the entire Universe, not only the Earth where you are living now, My little ones. My Love must purify everything that Satan affected and, this is, the entire Universe, because Satanís wickedness affected everything created, the whole Creation; and the Creation is the entire Universe, along with Earth, My little ones, that, certainly, Adam and Eve while on Earth, caused the evil when they gave themselves to Satan.

Evil not only stayed on Earth, My little ones. Evilness affected the entire Creation and, I repeat, that is the entire Universe, everything visible and invisible, actually for you, that which you do not know and even what you know, but that I created. Now you can see the great harm that Satan provoked and that your First Parents helped in the destruction of everything beautiful which I had given you.

When you meditate this deeply and you ask My Holy Spirit, so it will illuminate you and that you will understand all of this in depth, it is when you will realize how Satan acts. He wants to destroy everything; everything I created to pamper you, to pamper the human gender, because you are descendants of your First Parents. Those Parents that I created with Infinite Love and with a great desire that they would fill, not only the world, but the entire Universe with their descendants. But the Sin, this so grave Sin, Original, that was committed, destroyed the Work that I had thought for all of you but, certainly, it is not going to be detained, that is why I sent My Son, to begin preparing humanity for its purification, through the Redemption, in other words, the salvation of all of you, to give you back the Grace that was lost by the Original sin.

Everything is going to be restored, but for that you are here on Earth, My little ones, to help My Son, so you will help in the renovation of all of that which is damaged but, for that, I repeat, first you must be filled with My Love, of My Virtues, of everything good that I have taught you so will give it. Because no one can give what he doesnít have in his mind or in his heart and for that I have prepared you, so you will battle against Satanís forces, donít give up, My little ones.

Certainly, Satan is trying to weaken your spiritual force but,you can counter attack him through prayer, like you are doing now,


Praying the Holy Rosary,
With a spiritual life of example,
With a deep prayer always with Me,
Life in the Mercy towards your brothers with works that really talk that you are with Me, the good works towards your brothers in need,
Clean and beautiful thoughts towards others.

All of this, everything beautiful has to come from your heart, certainly, you have within your heart Good and Evil because of the Original sin, but if you start to feed and enlarge the Good within you, that is how you can start changing everything. Because you will help, also, others to start thinking in the Good, because they will see your works, they will listen to your words, will live your life of example; but if you elect the bad part, which you also have within you, and start to make it grow instead of being good souls and helping others, in the contrary, you will destroy yourselves and will destroy all of those that are around you and, also, will give a bad example how you are seeing it now around you, how, apparently, you are seeing more evil than Good, because you are enriching that evilness that you have within your heart.

The good souls win the Kingdom of Heaven because they worked on the good part that all of you have within you; the bad souls also will win Hell because they made evilness grow which you have within you. You are free, you have free will to choose, which part of you will you feed the most, the God or the Bad? You decide, I will help you when you choose the Good.
Thank you, My little ones.




On: The son must always look like the Father and you, all of you, are My children and must transmit Me to your brothers through your presence between them.

My children, I have talked to you already and prepared you, for the change that is coming physical and spiritual, for the Earth and the entire Universe, and that should not worry you, like I have told you so many times. What should be worrying you is to live according to what I have requested, which is a life of Love.

You are still thinking on things of the Earth, in what you will lose with this purification or what will happen with the nations: that they will be destroyed, what will remain and in musing and worries you are wasting a precious time, that it should be a spiritual growth in Love, My little ones. It could well be that you remain to live in the New Heaven, the New Earth, here, in this world that you know now, but which will be transmuted for My Love, or if you are taken to the Kingdom of Heaven for your donation, for your martyrdom, it doesnít matter where you will be, you should be full of Love.

If you are thinking of material things, in things of the world or in your own person, you are wasting your time; you must prepare yourself for the final trip, how are you going to present yourself to Me or how you will remain here, in the New Earths that will be given to you.

I have told you that the good seed is the one which will remain; it is the good seed of the sower that at last will fall on good earth. I will put that good earth with the New Earths that will be given to you and the New Heavens which will cover you. Those new souls that will be full of My Love, those new souls which will give a life of Love, a life of Virtue, My Love to their children, so they will love Me, your God and Creator and My Holy Trinity; that is the good seed that is going to remain on Earth. Are you prepared for it, My little ones?

Have you allowed Me to live perfectly and completely in your heart, in all your being, so also will be transmuted and be true seed of Love, that from you grows a lineage worthy of being called My children, of these new moments, of this immediate future that you will have?

Will you be an example in front of the nations? Will it be a New World in which there will be so much Love between all of you that you will live practically as you live in Heaven,

Are you prepared for it? Are you growing in Virtues and Love?

I tell you this, My little ones, so you donít waste your time musing over what will happen, those are My Mysteries and, you, should not try to think about them because you donít have the capacities for it; think in what you are doing with your soul and how you are helping your brothers so their soul grows in Love and in Virtues.

You should also be souls of example for the Kingdom of Heaven, so from the Kingdom of Heaven, the souls will be proud of you, of your work here on Earth, so when you return to the Kingdom of Heaven, at the end of your existence, you will be praised by your brothers that are already in the Kingdom of Heaven for your mission well accomplished or perfectly good accomplished here on Earth. That is what you should yearn, My little ones, that future, to which you are arriving; you are two steps away from arriving.

If you are on Earth, give the example right now, donít lead your brothers to fear talking about the things that donít come from Me, (*) you must fill them with My Peace, like My Son filled them with My Peace with His Presence, with His Word, with His Miracles, with the Love with which he treated all of those who came near Him.

(*) For example, giving exact dates of a possible end of the world.

That is how you should act, My little ones, giving love, giving example of having an intimate life with Me; giving spiritual life to your brothers, through your word. You can still do so much and must do!, because for that you were given the gift of life, donít waste it, then, My little ones. There is still a lot to do now and later wherever you get to be and stay. You should also be an example that you are My children, that you are the children of a True and Infinitely Good God, and God of Example, of Spiritual Life, because the son must always look like the Father and you, all of you are My children and must transmit Me to your brothers through your presence between them.

I love you so much, My little ones and, I ask you, do not waste your time anymore, that your time, in these moments, is very important for the salvation of an infinity of souls that do not want to be with Me and even worse, even attack Me, with it losing perhaps, even their opportunity of their eternal salvation. Pray for them so they can also have their eternal salvation.
Thank you, My little ones.





On: You are very close now of the great spiritual tribulation that you will have, My little ones, in a worldly level, in which Satan will try to deceive you.

My children, this is the time that My Holy Spirit will be indicating to you the good way that all of you must follow, according to the mission that was assigned to you since before you were conceived.

These are times of great worldly confusion, and all of you should be warned so Satan does not lead you towards the evil, and for that isthe continuous and deep prayer of each one of you, so that, even in spite that he tests you, in which everything appears to be good, My Holy Spirit, within you, will indicate to you, in some way, the temptation that Satan is putting in front of you, and you can discern and not fall into errors in which now many and many of your brothers are falling into.

My Son Jesus Christ had already told you, that moments would come in which you would hear ďthe Messiah is here or thereĒ, in the Holy Scriptures you are warned regarding this, My little ones, but who is the True Messiah? It is My Son and He is the Only one that can give you the Truth, and you have it in the Sacred Scriptures. The Truths that have been taught to you are Eternal Truths and no man, or anyone else can change them, because they are eternal. They were not for a determined time and are not obsolete because now you are living centuries after these Truths were given to you, no, My little ones, you are the ones living in the time and these Truths were given to you out of time, in other words, that they are for all eternity. They are Divine Truths; they are Eternal Truths and no one, I repeat, no one can change them and then, if a supposed messiah or some spiritual guide comes and says which are the truths that now you must follow, if they are not the ones already written, in the Holy Scriptures that I gave you or My Son gave you, you should not follow them, that one will be a false prophet, because they are going against all which is True and Holy that has already been given to you, and which you must follow and with which you should protect yourself. It doesnít matter if the person that you see from a very high social status, be a lofty person, be a character who does supposed miracles and marvelous works in front of your eyes and even if he resurrected the dead, even he did apparent miracles, if he is talking against what you already have as Truths in the Holy Scriptures, you should not follow him.

And this I tell you and I am warning you with these Words that I am giving you, because you are very near now of the great spiritual tribulation that you will have, My little ones, in a worldly level, in which Satan will try to deceive with this that I am saying to you. He will come promising great and extraordinary things and with apparent miracles that will leave amazed the great majority of you and now I can tell you, that you are the ones who are not with Me, because those that are with Me will be protected with the Light of the Holy Spirit but, unfortunately, a great worldly majority who is not living protected because they are not with Me and the masses will be deceived, the world masses, and you will let yourselves be deceived by this supposedly miracles and tricks from Satan.

Be careful then, My little ones, with those traps with which Satan will try to deceive you to take you by erred ways and eternal death.

I ask you for much prayer, much deep prayer, that you are with Me and holding the Hand of My Daughter, the Always Virgin Mary. Take from the Scriptures all its Wisdom and beauty, and in that way you will be protected against Satanís deceits, of his deceitful words, of his supposed miracles and his grandeurs, which will only lead you toward the spiritual error. Be humble and simple, never try to be better than others, even if you have special graces which I have granted you, because if you have them, you must be like My Son, a servant to all and humble, and whoever will exalt themselves with them, already lost the most essential that My server should have, which is humility; be careful, My little ones.
Thank you, My little ones.





On: You must give yourselves completely, as My Son gave Himself for you, the recompense that will come to you, will be fromMy part, will be spiritual and will be eternal.

Yes, My little ones, I want to point out this, of which I have spoken to you about, on My Wisdom and of the intelligence.

Man is always looking to excel and, also, with it, take advantage of his brothers and take his earthly goods. Man utilizes his intelligence to take away from his brothers the goods they have, and it can be through wars, through deceit and robberies, and also through what you offer your brothers with your daily work that, yes, certainly, you do it in an exemplary way, meaning with this that you do it very well, but that you charge it with so high prices to keep on taking away the goods of your brothers; when you should be serving your brothers with the gifts which have been given to you and, I repeat it again, that when you are given those special gifts, they are to serve and not to take away the goods that your brothers have, when you charge excessively for the work you carry out to help them.

I had already spoken to you about this, My little ones, and I repeat it again, because when you use your human intelligence, you are acting, in the majority of times, in the bad, in selfishness. You are looking to enrich yourselves and always maintain a high position in front of others, so they will praise you, because that is what man looks for and, it is what leads you to Satan, the haughtiness of the souls, to grow in vanity, in power, but always in the material. Satan is never going to lead you towards a spiritual good and, in this way, you can have a sure discernment that if the person who is giving you goodness, with his work, is in God or is not in God, if he lives according to the Example of My Son on Earth, when He helped you and keeps on helping you even in this time with your Salvation, with His Providence, with His gifts of patent Miracles.

How much does My Son charge you?, and He is giving infinitely more than any wise or intelligent man, supposedly wise between men, He is offering to you. You classify them in that way, as wise in their profession, because they have a superior grade of intelligence in front of others, but they do not have the Divine Wisdom that come from Me, which is a donation, of respect towards My Laws, of respect in love towards others. If you live in Charity and in helping your brothers, you will live in honesty, you will live giving yourselves in service towards them, maintain yourselves little and helping them to grow and to maintain what they need to live worthily on Earth.

You are the ones who keep those social divisions because you donít take care ones of the others as true brothers. Gifts, Virtues, all of you have capabilities, but some of you take advantage of your brothers and make them believe that you are superior, and in that way maintain those social positions that should not exist, because all of you are brothers, all are My children, all you help one another.

In what you should grow, I repeat to you again, is in the spiritual and there is where you must battle, against your bad inclinations, towards everything that leads you towards the materialism, the vices, and the spiritual destruction.

You must fight against your disordered passions; you must fight against that lack of love towards your brothers. You came to provide love, you didnít come to destroy your brothers or make them less than you. If there is really love in your heart, you must give yourselves completely, as My Son gave Himself for you, the recompense that will come to you, will be on My part, will be spiritual and will be eternal and you are looking for a material remuneration to feel superior to the others, for the earthly goods that you possess, and you are foolish, because this only will be for a brief time and you will lose it all when you return to Me.

The spiritual will accompany you eternally. All the good that you produced on Earth will be evidently seen. When you return to Me, you will notice the good you did and I will reward you for it, but Oh! Those of you who lost your time in filling your pockets with lack of Charity towards your brothers because, when you are in front of Me, you will cry and repent of what you did, but your Judgment will be already in front of Me and now you wonít be able to do anything to repair the evil that you did when you had an earthly life.

Be careful then, My little ones, donít waste your time and give yourselves to your brothers as you would give it to Me if I was in front of you asking for your help, thatís why My Son told you that when one of your brothers asked for something, it was your own God who you would be giving it to. Everything you give to Me, that you are giving your brothers, will be greatly recompensed in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank you, My little ones.


Our note:
We want to briefly comment in respect to the First Mystery of our beloved Father. Father Pio had already taught us that in the Heavenly Kingdom there are different levels. It corresponds to a message he gave to an elected soul, a short time after the saint was born into eternal life. The complete message and very long has been in our Portal for many years. Letís remember the paragraph to which we make reference:

ďDo you want to know which is my glory? You can only imagine it with a pale idea.
There are paradisiac joys that are always discovered again, and one always remains in rapturesÖ But the same glory is not for everyoneÖ The soul that has loved more, who has suffered more and who maintained itself in true purity, that soul is capable of tasting much better the incomparable mystery of the Heavenly Jerusalem?Ē

In these messages of God the Father, He has taught us that the masses, the sacrifices, and the prayers also help our loved ones that are in Heaven, to elevate them towards the Glory of God.

Therefore, Heaven is not the same for everyone, but we can work to reach high levels like our Father teaches us in the preceding paragraphs.

Then, what are we waiting for? Letís work for our brothers, but always in the love.




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