Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)












The Church each year celebrates my Royalty. “Christ the King.”

But is this feast the proof that I am truly considered as King of my consecrated?

On the other hand, for many, I am a beggar and rejected King as I was then for Pilate and for Herod.

A rejected and… condemned King!!!

My answer to Pilate: “My Kingdom is not of this world”, in addition of indicating that my Kingdom is spiritual, had another meaning: it alluded also to the future time, yours, that would have tried to trample and destruct my sovereignty in the souls.

You, O priests who are my ministers, you must sacrifice yourselves to make Me reign in the souls, but before make Me reign in yourselves. Give Me the first place, the royal position, in your mind and in your heart! Destroy in your interior all idols, which cool your love for Me and torments the spirit. Make Me reign in you and you will have peace in the heart, that peace that no one can give you outside of Me. I am the King of Peace!

Only then the priest will see his ministry flourish: when in himself the King of Love and of Peace reigns and works.

In the confusion of the religious opinions, in the little submission to my Vicar, in the disruption of my evangelical Doctrine, don’t forget O my priests, that it is Satan who is moving to reign in the world and in My Churchinstead of Me.

It’s painful to say it: The ministers most faithful to Satan are certain innovating priests.

Satan is the prince of lies, of dissension and disorder. Unhappy are those who are at his service! They lose their peace and also take it from other souls, confusing their consciences with unhealthy novelties.

God is order and peace! Satan is disorder and unhappiness.




How much bitterness had caused to My divine Heart that woman with her scandals! But one day that poor woman opened her eyes, entered into herself and knelt at my feet. She didn’t tell me anything, she only cried. They were tears of repentance and of love.

In an instant I obliterated from that soul a life of sin, gave it My Grace and I forgot everything. I didn’t rub in her face anything about her past and she became my favorite.

My priests, fallen or cooled of my Love, come to Me as Mary Magdalene! I will forget everything, I will give you Graces of predilection and I will transform you as I transformed Augustine!...

Whoever has ears… listen!




God allows that some soul from the other side manifests itself to ask for suffrage. Not too long ago, a deceased priest presented himself to a privileged soul and said: “We the priests in Purgatory suffer more than the others and are the most forgotten.

We ask for the charity of one weekly Holy Mass”.

In some areas, among the faithful, they are doing the crusade “Weekly Holy Mass for the deceased priests”. We trust that this crusade will find new benefactors and many persons join them. Remember your deceased priests, pray for them, and do masses.


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