Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)













What seems as nothing; matter is convenient only for the time; it is the human soul what is valuable, because it will last for all eternity. The time passed on earth would be meaningless if the souls weren’t immortal. Oh, the souls!...

I came to earth because of the souls.

For their love I suffered so much and for their love I expired in the Cross, martyred from the head to the feet, that I looked like a leper.

Bruises, sores and Blood throughout the body   and all of this for Love of the souls.

My dream has always been and will be the salvation of the souls.

And, what other duty do my priests have?

         Save themselves and save others!!!!

Before anything else you must save your own soul; it is the greatest duty and it is tightly personal; then you must work to save the souls of the brothers.

The parable of the talents should make the priests meditate that they are careless, for the lazy servant was placed in the darkness where there is weeping and grinding of teeth.

Why have I chosen you amongst the innumerable creatures and have dressed you with the priestly dignity? Perhaps for you to have more fun and for you to enjoy the beautiful life? Because you have been given years, but to increment the talents you received?

What gain must be in the first place in your thoughts but the great number of souls to save?

Which is the fruit of your ministry but to continuously present to Me saved souls?

Some priests are too petty, only preoccupied of not falling in the grave fault; when they are able to be in a little balance and without falls, they think they can be with peaceful with their conscience.

It is a great error!

The first step is not enough for anyone! Much less for the priests, who must be apostles, light and salt of the earth. And even it is true that you must flee from evilness, you should preoccupy yourselves with all your strengths to do good. To put aside the good, when you have as a duty as ministers of God, when you have the time and the circumstances allow it, is a sin of omission!!!

So many souls to instruct,

So many to advice,

So many to console!

Many are looking for a confessor!

Many sick on their deathbeds to assist!

Many children to capture in the Faith!

Many work centers to visit to be in contact with multitudes of laborers who have forgotten God!

How much work is in front of each priest!!!

And meanwhile the needs of the souls are so many and urgent,

Where my priests and what are they doing?

How do they spend their time?...

Hours and hours in front of the television, pleasure trips, pastimes, dangerous visits… prolonged…

And the souls?

They are there waiting for someone to break the Bread of life, but they can’t find them! Work, O my priests! Use your time!

The enemies of My Church work more, than many weak priests in the Faith, lukewarm in love and even sometimes paralyzed by a total apathy.

It’s time to wake up and to renovate yourselves in the spirit!!!

Priests, is this the way to serve God, the Supreme Master which has given you your talents?...

I have given talents to each priest, to some one, to others two, others five. To whoever has been given more, more will be asked. I have priests burning with charity, thirsty of souls; for them everything is nothing or almost nothing; for them what counts is the salvation of the souls, of many souls. But if in the world I have thousands of careful priests,

Why can’t the other tens of thousands also be like them?

All of you meditate on the luck of the lazy servant, who did not fructify the boss’ talent! In the day of Final Judgment, when the lazy priests will see so many damned souls because of their laziness, they will understand the great evil they have done to themselves and to the brothers and how much happiness they have taken from God.

Correct yourselves while there is still time!



The exemplary priests, very active, convert themselves in magnets for the good souls; they attract the most hardened sinners and spread everywhere the good seed of the Truth and the Grace. The secret of a fructiferous ministry is their interior life, meaning the spirit of piety, which gives them light, strength, and joy.

And why are others unsuccessful? It is because forgetting their interior life make their spirit consumptive: they are poor sick souls, useless for themselves and for the others.

Blessed is that consecrated who know how to live in sweet intimacy with himself, heart to heart with Me, to be able to feel what I love in souls!

The priests that love Me are my sweet abode, my consolation, my happiness. How much bitterness My Heart suffers seeing Myself so forgotten by the priests!

To think of Me frequently, act under my gaze with love and serenity; do everything with straight intention; not give my enemy Satan not even an atom of incense; avoid the small voluntary infidelities; take advantage of the good occasions that are there to bring Me souls; to have Me in the center of the heart; to stop without being in a hurry in front of My Tabernacle; enliven the Faith, seeing Me in your brother; make a frequent call to the thought of eternity… all of this is the great secret of the interior life.

And the interior life is proper, which leads to fervor, is inflamed more each time, and lets you reach a high degree of perfection.


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