Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)














 I am God of infinite Mercy: I don’t want the death of the sinner, but that he converts and live.

 Because the sin against purity hardens the heart, leads to sacrilege, to the loss of Faith and the final obstinacy, this is the sin that my priests must hate the most.

 Faithful priests, you who cultivate purity and are jealous of looking for My Glory, you who are still a discreet number of My Church and form my precious crown, have pity of your brothers of the Priesthood! Hold up the ones who are in danger and give a hand to the fallen! I entrust you this urgent duty of charity. A great sinner could convert into a great saint; the history of My Church is full of these examples. Remember them each day in the celebration of the Mass.

 Exhort the faithful to pray and offer sacrifices for them. Give them a good word so they won’t become upset. Make them remember that I am Jesus, the Savior that in one instant cancels all iniquity.

 I am the Good Shepherd; I am the loving Father of the Prodigal Son. I walk restlessly to look for the lost lamb, to embrace it and bring it back to the flock. My Love for the souls is infinite, especially for the priestly souls. The abysm of My Love covers the abysm of all iniquity. If there are such strong laments for so many consecrated, it is because I love them with a Love of predilection.





 I was born in a poor grotto. My tender arms and legs touched the hay, while the poorest of the poor in the world was born at least in a crib and was received with all the cares. The world doesn’t think any longer of Me who was born in a manger, meaning in the void of everything that is human. And the souls do not possess Me because they have not emptied their hearts completely.

 Pleasure is preferred more than Me and almost always the most insignificant things of the world are preferred than Me. It is for this reason that there are few, very few the souls who give me free entry in their hearts to make my abode. How far are the souls of my poorness! The spirit of poorness is no longer appreciated; the comfortable is desired, the joy, the luxury; wanting to appear as being better, the firsts and because of this all footprint disappears. In the world flaps the total rejection of the spirit of poverty.

 And do my priests love poverty?

 Is it the love of the souls that move them in their activities, or the desire of money?

 O ministers of the altar, you don’t meditate my words enough: “The wolves have their caves, the birds their nest, but the Son of Man doesn’t have where to recline his head”.

 When you leave this world, what will happen with the money that you have accumulated? You will notice that you have accumulated for others.

 In your bedroom, be happy with the necessary.

 Shun the superfluous and don’t waste money in useless diversions.

 Give the superfluous to the needy and support the works of charity!

 The saved money is for you a grave spiritual danger, because you get your heart attached and because you give a bad example to the faithful, who love seeing a selfless priest, and also in this, different to the other men.

Money leads you to the comforts, to give yourself all those pleasures that commonly are called licit (licit because evidently they are not bad), but that, nevertheless, are not always free of guilt or by the abuse or by the exaggerated attachment. How many venial sins you must give account to the Divine Justice!

 Where will my priests find these moral miseries?

 Purgatory exists, which is very painful reparation for all, but most of all for the consecrated.

 In your homilies you have treated the subject of Purgatory describing with vivid colors the sorrows of the souls that purify themselves in life after death. Of what you have said, you have said little, because the only ones who can talk appropriately of Purgatory are those that are there (actually now you don’t even speak of Purgatory: but the immense majority of the actual priests, 2003, 2011, the Purgatory, in the practice, doesn’t exist, when it really exists, is a dogma of faith, and the sufferings that are suffered there are truly horrific, almost like Hell’s, from which the only differentiate in eternity, and that in Hell you hate, and in Purgatory God is loved and all who are there…).

 But you don’t think, you priests, especially you who are freer, don’t think that Purgatory is made most of all for you? There you will be purified by the Divine Justice, before being admitted in My Glory.

 Little love of God,

 Little finesse of conscience,

 Satisfaction of the heart and the senses, especially gluttony,

 Unhealthy curiosity,

 Wasted time, because it’s not utilized for the Glory of God,

 Coldness with the neighbor, indifference for the needs of others…

 Everything is heavy for the Divine Justice in the hour of the Final Judgment and all must be paid.

  Rosarios, Coronas


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