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(Words from Jesus To His Priests)















To come to earth to rescue man I have chosen two Virgins:

 -Mary to bring me to the world and

 -Joseph to take care of me.

 Chaste souls are my delight. Even without condemning the generation, I love with great predilection the virgin souls. Not all understand how sublime virginity is; My Heavenly Father gives this light to certain souls and blessed are they who correspond to the divine plans!

 In the world, which is so muddied, I have armies of virgins, men and women. I also have those who, even being united in matrimony, live angelically, as if they do not have a body. How much happiness those give me and how many blessings they attract to Humanity!

 Shouldn't my priests be the first in the army of virgins?

 Is it possible that simple faithful give me with more generosity what my ministers give me with such avarice?

 How can I feel proud of the, who should be the pupil of my eyes?

 Consecrated exist who pretend to live the ordinary life of man. But did they have these feelings when they cultivated the interior life, nourished themselves with the Faith of my Flesh, guarded their senses and watched to flee of the dangerous occasions?… Then the faithful and consoling life of pure purity was easy; my Grace sustained them.

 Now in change they say:

"The yoke is too heavy!… It is unsustainable!…

 The perfect incontinence is impossible!…"

 Why don't you pray more, instead of giving yourself to entertainment?

 Why don't you return to the spirit of mortification?

 Why don't you remove the wood from the fire of passions, instead of adding another one?

Too many amenities have enervated your spirit; have weakened you too much, maybe they have made you fall and now you are in the mud.

 Priests of the Most High God, you have forgotten my Doctrine! And you have done the same, teachers of Israel!…

 What have I taught the world and what have you preached to the others?…

 "The Kingdom of Heaven needs violence and only the violent take possession…

 Whoever wants to come behind Me, deny himself, take his cross each day and follow me."

 This is valid for all, also for the last of my disciples. And the shepherd of my sheep, shouldn't they give to all, always and wherever it is, and be the example of resignation?…There are some priests who do not believe in my Word. They are not worthy of divine Priesthood!

 The carnal consecrated do not accept my teachings. What a mistake! Not few priests, with which I counted on, have become first rude, later apathetic, bored, and finally… a tripping stone. Their hearts are hardened, are insensible, and don’t give up to the sweet calls of an Omnipotent God.

 I, divine Master, for some of my priests am worth less than the mud of the earth: they prefer the false joys of the world to my consolation; they prefer what can lead them into Hell to what can introduce them to Paradise! Poor souls! Where is the usefulness of my Blood for you? In this fatal hour (and it’s useless to avoid it) full generosity is needed in my ministers, a denial of your own self, loving penitence embraced for the Glory of God.

 Priests, who rebel to my teachings on the need of denying yourselves, contemplate Me on the Cross! I, your Redeemer and Teacher, have been mortified all my life, since the birth in the grotto to the martyrdom in the Golgotha. And you… Don’t you know how to preserve yourselves from illicit satisfactions, (and they are always illicit!...) to show Me your love? In the contrary you look for all the amenities of your pleasure, you feel terror for the austerity of life.

 You don’t get to Paradise enjoying the world and believing in its teachings, but giving up everything that the world approves. It’s impossible to serve two masters that are enemies between themselves. If you don’t want to know about mortification in this earth, you will suffer much more tragically with the purification that you must suffer in Purgatory… if you can free yourselves from the fires of Hell!

 If at the present time souls who while on earth were thought of as holy suffer in Purgatory, imagine which sorrows are reserved for the priests for having searched, loved, and enjoyed completely satisfying their senses!

 Earth is a place of trials, like it was for Adam and Eve.

 Earth is an exile,

 A shelter,

 Where the traveler stops while passing, but always thinking in the way that still lies ahead to reach the goal.

 Whoever walks too attached to the earth cannot call himself a true Christian and much less my minister.

 This is the distinctive of the man who passes: denying himself.





 The violation of the sixth commandment is a great evil and it does not stop being such even when everything happens in the maximum secrecy. But if the incontinence goes rampant and gets to the scandal, the evil reaches incredible proportions.

 “Poor him who gives scandal”, I said one day on the way to Palestine.

And what should I tell the consecrated that, forgetting his sublime dignity, violating the sixth commandment tears countless souls from Me?

 God of infinite Justice, how should I treat, on Judgment Day, the consecrated who has given scandal and has come to Me without repentance? I would relentlessly push him away from Me and would send him to the eternal fire!

 “Hell? Eternal fire? But I think that they don’t exist, or at least I doubt and hope they don’t exist.” That’s how the incontinent thinks and consoles himself with this thought so he can sin with even more composure.

 And you, Priest, who has studied the Scriptures, do you also doubt the existence of Hell? Or even deny it? If you are thinking this, you are deceiving yourself and you do it to soften the remorsefulness and be freer to do evil. But even though you deny and doubt Hell… Hell exists in all its forms.

 The wild passions that take your light; it is Satan who blindfolds the eyes of your soul. If you were granted the opportunity of seeing for just a few instants the luck of the unfaithful consecrated fallen in the place of the torments, you would be terrified.

 On November 30, 1968 I showed Hell to a privileged soul who suffers and prays to save many souls. Listen, priests who have fallen or that find yourselves in danger, the sad story.

 “The souls had a human physiognomy to be able to be recognized. The demons were ferociously against me, because at that time I had cooperated to the salvation of many souls and screamed at me: For your fault, o damned, there are so many empty spaces in this abysm!

 The priests who were there suffered horrible sorrows. They were tortured over burning woods, placed in the form of a cross, to be punished for all the times they had put the Lord in the Cross with their sins. His tongue and his impure and sacrilegious hands suffered great tortures. They were continually dragged here and there not only by the demons, but also by the condemned, who shouted at them their infidelities, the treason that was done to the Lord to smother the pleasures of life. They were lacerated and attacked continuously.

 These priests cursed the life of the world, all the human attractions; all the pleasures enjoyed trampling the vote of chastity and living away from God.

They were submerged in a big and great darkness: only the flames of the fire gave them a little light. They were screaming in desperation, while the demons had fun tormenting them and laughing saying: You had been chosen to dominate over us, pure spirits; your dignity surpassed the dignity of the angelical legions: you could tear many souls from us and in exchange you have finished here along us! We have defeated you! And meanwhile your confusion will be greater on the day of Judgment, you will look as more Judas!... This is your glory before the ones you use to pass as sheep, while you were true raptor wolves! Others exist in the world who follow your footprints; you will have other companions!...You have been defeated; you didn’t expect Hell… and you have fallen here. The rich man did not believe in Hell, but he also ended here.”

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