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(Words from Jesus To His Priests)













"Happy are the pure of heart", I said one day in earth. But the world, my enemy doesn't want to know anything: he wallows in mud and throws himself against everything that refers to purity. Unhealthy minds, today more than in other times, have taken as a target the virginal purity of my Mother, placing Her at the level of other women.

 What an insult for the Queen of Heaven and what pain it causes Me!

 My Adoptive Father, the most chaste Joseph, also is touched by this diabolical wave of mud. My Mother was most pure before giving birth. The Prophet Isaiah prophesied, centuries before, that I would be born of a Virgin. She was most pure after giving birth and it is testified by the authentic Tradition of the Church, confirmed by the sane Christianity, by the Councils and by the Magisterium of the Popes.

 It is also testified and especially the answer given to Gabriel who announced to Her maternity: "How can that be, since I do not know any man?" Which means that She wasn't thinking of knowing him, because if she would have wanted to live the common life of other women, she would not have given the Angel that answer, but would have without doubt say: "I accept to be a mother".

 My Mother was most pure, elected and prepared Terrain to able for Me to be born, Lilly of the valleys. She nursed Me, Man-God; she was uninterruptedly in intimacy with the King of Glory and her thought were always addressed to Heaven and not to earth.

 The Angels flapped over the house in Nazareth, adoring Me and blessing the Mother of a God made Man, a decision of the Most Holy Trinity to be the Queen of queens and the Virgin by excellence.

 If in the world I have an army of virgin souls, who have united to Me, with a vote, souls that still with the consequences of the original sin are Angels of flesh, why doubt the perennial virginity of my Mother, who was dispensed of the original guilt, work of art of the Omnipotence of God, enriched by an ocean of Grace, most excellent Creature that eclipses the virtues of the elected souls. Luminous Light of humanity, more splendorous than the sun in the firmament.





 "I unleash my tongue to defend the virginal purity of Mary, the Wife that God gave me."  "I was chosen to be a support for Jesus and Mary; but, while I occupied such role that God gave me, felt a continuous and intimate humbleness being beside Jesus, Son of God made Man, and to Mary, mirror of purity and candor, so much that when I looked at her I was as if obliged to lower my eyes, feeling unworthy of being beside them.

 "I jealously guarded her, as you can guard a precious and delicate pearl, of great value."

 "I was chosen by God and in the face of that decision; I was inspired since I was young to maintain my most chaste virginal purity, until my last breath. This was a mystery that I revealed only to my elected Wife, Mary."

 "I didn't feel any fear, for my virginity, when I saw I had been chosen as her Spouse, because with only coming closer to her, the interior perfume that emanated from her purity flooded my soul of a chaste joy."

 "We understood each other fully with exchanging any word, because the sublime mystery that united us of a heavenly way didn't make us feel the need to exteriorize it, but to silence it."

 "The tongues of those who want to darken my sweet and chaste Wife Mary, the Mother of a God, live Tabernacle of the Divine Nazarene, are lying and infernal."

 "A delicate plant is taken care of from everything that can harm it and it is cultivated with a particular attention. Imagine, therefore, with how much care I filled the most chaste Mary so no one would bother her."

 "Her life in the house in Nazareth was work of the divine Love; to the eyes of men it was such a deep secret that no one has been able to ever imagine it. Here is the house in Nazareth, surrounded by the hiding, by the most profound humility, by the most complete poverty! But even being away from everything, that house possessed everything… it possessed God!"

 "World that becomes agitated, instead of throwing your arrows against the Virgin, imitate the virtues and the candor! Learn to love her, venerate her and not destroy her more! Give thanks to the Eternal God who has given you a Mother so holy to save you!"





 The world, at the service of Satan, spiritually blind, doesn't see the light of angelical purity of my Mother. But it is not only the corrupted world who disqualifies the Virgin Mother. Others exist, who call themselves my disciples and unfortunately also are the priests, who discuss and doubt the perpetual virginity of my Mother.

 How can, certain consecrated, reach such a grade of blindness? Those, who are deaf to my voice and to my Vicar's voice, listen to the voice of Satan, for which service they work!'

 But do you know who Satan is and what he is doing at this grave hour?

 Humanity is going adrift, but my Mother can save it, since we are in the hour of Mary, this is the way the Divine Providence wants it. The collective chastisement since long ago would have been unchained over the earth if this merciful Mother wouldn't have stopped my hand.

 Satan is the one who has started the battle against my Mother, with the hope of capturing many victims. And this is because the prince of darkness knows who is the Virgin Motherand what is the power that She has in Heaven.

 That Satan's helpers and all my priests listen!

 In the novena of preparation for the feast of the Immaculate Conception in 1968, I, Lord of Universe, allowed that an extraordinary victim, chosen by Me personally, receive a diabolical attack. The victim found himself in front of an army of demons; Satan also was there, who spoke like this:

 "Attack the consecrated! Because of their falls, how many souls come to our hands, because the scandal also drives off the Faith. The consecrated who give scandals make that the existence of God also to be doubted. And this is towards what we must tend: the estrangement with God.

 The solemnity of that Woman (the Immaculate) who has all of us submitted. We must suffer eternal unhappiness, hell, while in the world so many and so many get to save themselves in spite of the numerous rebellions against their God!…

 At that time this Woman did not exist, who is called Mary, in that case we would not have had such misfortune. The souls that are saved, are saved by Her intercession, whom we hate and curse…"

 "Us Angels, for only one sin were thrown in the abysm; and because of this our anger grows more each time: for the injustice of this God!…If that Woman would have existed since the beginning of Creation…


we would not have had such a conviction!!!


And while that victim soul wrote Satan's words - since I wanted her to write- Satan, full of anger, exclaimed:

 Why do you put my words in the paper?… Enough! Enough!… Don't write, damned!"

 Ponder, O my priests, over what has remained written of this experience: If that Woman who is my Mother would have existed before some Angels rebelled against the Creator, thanks to her most powerful intercession they would have obtained mercy!

 Who is this Woman, in front of which Hell trembles?

 It is that Most Pure Virgin that today the world wants to muddy.

 What relation exists between Me and this most pure Woman?

 I came to the world through Her; I was nourished through Her, with her virginal milk. For all my life, until I was thirty years old, I was cared for by Her. Mary Virgin was the precious instrument of the Redemption of the human gender. I love of her blood and of her virginal flesh in the Consecrated Host and when the souls receive Me I am not alone, because I am incorporated in the life of my Mother. This is the great live mystical poem in my Church! Without my Mother I couldn't be Jesus on earth; all is due to this most pure Immaculate Queen.

If a loving son surrounds his earthly mother with loving acknowledgment, and does this with a limited heart, much more than I, that I must do that my Mother be honored, loved, glorified and consoled, Arc of salvation, Channel of Grace, Co-Redemptrix of the human gender! The Holy Trinity has given her all the Graces that can be given to a creature!

The mystery of my living in the souls is always accomplished through my most pure Mother.

 How stupendous and luminous is the figure of this Virgin, Throne and Tabernacle of the Live God! No language human or angelical exists that can express the praises.

 Who loves me, also loves my Mother.

 And who loves my Mother, also loves me and will have a sure life.

 Mary brought me into the world and it is through Her that I reach the souls. It's Mary who conducts Me and prepares the hearts to make my dwelling. My Mother is too big!

 Oh of the unhappy that dare to project a shadow over the virginal purity of That One who has the hand in scepter ofQueen of the Angels!

 O priests that are listening to me, make reparation and repair the offended honor of my Mother, who is also yours!

 That Masses be given in honor of the Virgin, so the offenses against her virginal purity can be repaired.

 That crusades of repairing Communions be organized, and that they be done especially on Saturday's.

 That this invocation be spread:

 "By your virginal candor, Oh Mary, save all the souls that offend your perpetual purity and your Heart of a Mother!"


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