Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)







Part III






Multitudes of faithful in all the world, oppressed by work and daily needs, know how to find each day a little time to come before my Tabernacle. They love to be with Me, talk to Me, trust Me their sorrows.

But, how many are the priests that after the time of the celebration, love to be with Me, present in the Most Holy Sacrament? They are rare! With this behavior, do you think you do Me an honor, O my consecrated?

You don’t find obstacles when the persons so loved by you are sick. In this case you find the time, because you feel the duty and the joy of going to visit them. You leave everything and also face sacrifices when a sick person who you loved is in a distant hospital.

And your God in the Tabernacle, isn’t He a Sick of Love, a Divine Beggar that asks and asks for a little consolation? Isn’t He a Man-God that suffers, that weeps and goes looking for whoever knows how to share his Mystery of Love?

If all the priests understood this language, how their lives would be transformed!...And if you do not understand it, who should understand it?

I make an invitation to my faithful priests.

Do everything possible to bring me fervent souls, that each Thursday of the week, around the 20:00 hours, memorial day of the institution of the Eucharist, have a thought for Me and lovingly stop, even for a few instants, to thank Me, to repair and to exchange my ardent Love, that in that hour I have wanted to give to you and hide mysteriously under the appearances of Bread and Wine to be your nourishment and support.

One more invitation.

I wish the “live lamps” around My Tabernacle, meaning beating hearts of love that, taking turns, do each Thursday an hour of adoration, to repair the outrages, sacrileges, and indifference which I receive continuously from great part of the souls, especially those consecrated. Whoever loves will find the time. My look will pose benevolently over these “live lamps” and over those priests that will become promoters of so much good.




A modern and deplorable stream of thought that circulates between some priests want to renovate everything and, most of all, have a tendency to repeat. It doesn’t even save My Crucifix.

“The images of Jesus Crucified? Things of other times!”–some say. “They were the naïve minds of past times who loved these sensible signs, these strange forms of devotion. But in the actual renovation of the Church and of society, the images of the Crucifix must be put to one side”.

What should I respond to these priests… renovators, enemies of my Cross?

Before everything else, renovate yourselves in the spirit! And later, why do you prevent that the faithful contemplate Me Crucified? Here and there in the world, various monuments exist that remember the great men of history? And don’t you carefully keep the photographs that make you remember the people that were so loved by you, live or dead?

What man is greater and more worthy than the Man-God?


What person in the world can be appreciated more by you than I, the Redeemer?

The image of My Crucifix has led many to the true conversion and has formed many Saints. How many times have I demonstrated to the world, with the prodigies that I have made to those who welcomed My image –when I was nailed on the Cross- spilling live Blood by the wounds and sometimes un-nailing my hands to embrace the repentant sinners!

And you, my disciples and ministers, do you consider a past devotion the cult to my Crucified image? What foolishness! Bend your knees, humble yourselves, kiss my sores, and meditate over the teachings that a Crucified God gives you, to save you!

Whoever contemplates Me nailed to the Cross and feels love for Me, hardly damages his conduct and lets his mind darken to follow the whirlwind of this world.

Whoever does not love the Crucified, doesn’t know Me and not knowing Me, cannot imitate Me, and not imitating Me, cannot do anything concrete in his life.


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