Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)













O My priests, intermediaries between God and man, chain of gold who must unite the souls to Me, wake up in your hearts the good feelings from your ordination day! The dignity with which I have covered you is so big and it’s good that you are conscious to better understand each time your grave responsibility!

All the bitterness that some priests cause Me is united to that great bitterness that made me sweat Blood in the Garden of Olives, when I saw that in the future centuries the repudiation of Peter was renovated in the ranks of my ministers, Judas’ treason in so many sacrilegious priests and the escape of the disciples, escape due to the scandals of certain consecrated.

In that night of Gethsemane, so stormy, I found the three Apostles who were the most loved, deeply asleep: they slept while I bled with anguish. I woke them up, inviting them to pray, but they fell asleep again; they woke up only with the noise of the multitude that was coming to capture Me.

Is it possible, O My priests, that you don’t understand the gravity of the present hour?... You sleep placidly, rocking yourselves in a comfortable life, while I, your Redeemer and Master, agonize by the concerns that multiply each day.

I come to awaken you with the sad events of each day, but you wake for just a moment and then, immediately, fall asleep again like the three Apostles. I come back one more time to awaken you with my divine laments, trusting that you will wake up.

Do you maybe want to be shaken up, like the Apostles at the noise of the multitude, only when the storm will be unleashed in the world? When my enemies will put their hands on you?...Past history, doesn’t it teach you anything on purpose?

Don’t you see how the ocean waves increase, become agitated and become unchained against mi Ship, the Church? The waves will collide but my Church will not sink, because I am in that Ship. But…what will be the luck of so many priests?

In the world there is a battle between the children of darkness and the children of light. My Vicar, the Pope, cries in the hours of solitude; he is broken, surrounded by so many minds in eruption. Paul VI, illuminated and assisted by Me, is conscious of the extreme importance of the present hour.

(Jesus said this in the times of Paul VI, in the 60’s, what would He say no, in 2003 –and worst yeat in 2011, we think…- when evil has advanced so much at all levels to the point that actually there are priests who publicly tout, from the communications media their practicing homosexuality?...)

Many souls, that at one time were faithful to Me, are in disastrous conditions. In this rough situation, what do my priests do?... For my consolation, I have ones who are good, true priests! But the rest… which are few!... There are some who rebel against My Vicar, some who deny or doubt the other life; there are some who deny the existence of Satan; there are some who deny my real Eucharistic Presence!, and even others who doubt My Divinity and the existence of a Creating God.

Poor those who try to change the truth of the Faith! Poor those who try to remove the Glory of God Omnipotent! Certain priestly minds are a true Babylon: confusion and darkness! And with all that they declare themselves teachers. More than shepherds, some are black sheep in my mystical flock and others are thieving wolves.

I ask these misfortunates:

When you were ordained priests and swore fidelity to Me, did you have the same feelings as today?... Weren’t you happy to belong to Me and to cooperate with Me for the salvation of the brothers?...

What caused your change?...

Before you prayed; little by little you have diminished and later almost left prayer aside. Before you were convinced of your smallness; later pride has entered.

For a while you cultivated the spirit of penitence; little by little you have started to caress the body, giving what was unnecessary and, consequently, the body has dragged you to the mud… How painful is your situation!

You have left the heavenly Manna to feed yourselves with acorns, like unclean animals.

Before you breathed the pure air of My Grace and now you are torn in the nauseous mud. Ponder, O my priests, fallen or almost ready to do it, ponder over your sad condition! Tell Me:

Don’t I have the right to lament?

The bad conduct of so many priests tears from Me multitudes of souls. And I, that to save even one would make them crucify Me again, if it was necessary, how should I treat these ministers?...

Is it possible that you are so blind as not to see this bitter reality?




You know some things of the past and the present; I know everything, also the future. At the beginning of this century the Omnipotent told a privileged soul: “Forty, fifty years before the year 2000 a particular power on earth will be conferred to Satan; the infernal powers will go with preference against the priests”.

Don’t you see that what I myself have revealed is happening exactly?

Convince yourselves! The demons know the profit that it is for them a deserter priest and that’s why the attacks against the consecrated today are so many and so strong; to the point that if they do not watch out and do not pray intensely, sooner or later they will fall into the diabolical net.

Allow Me to place My hand in one of the sores of today’s clergy. I don’t try to allude to the generous consecrated. I have instituted the Sacrament of Love, the Holy Eucharist. Twenty centuries of History, with millions of Eucharistic prodigies, have proven and still prove my real Eucharistic Presence.

Priest, who you are in the altar to celebrate, enter into yourself!...

Do you believe in the Eucharistic Mystery?

If you don’t believe, why do you go to celebrate?

Why do you deceive yourself and deceive the others?

What title is conferred to you?...

The hypocrite and the impostor!

On the other hand, if you believe in theTransubstantiation, but your heart and your mind is not pure, and your hands are soiled,

How do you dare touch My Immaculate Flesh?

How do you not tremble pronouncing the divine words of the Consecration?

And unfortunately, there are some who celebrate like this! There are some who pierce my divine Heart in this way! And I, merciful, patient!... But until when should I endure this? Doesn’t My Justice reclaim its rights?

Others celebrate, still united to Me, with My Grace. But, what celebrations!... Who assists you could say: But, does this priest believe in what he is doing?

You must have more Faith in the Holy Sacrifice and love it more! No hurry, much recollection and burning prayer! Souls exist to be saved and many others to sustain. Mass is a most precious time.

Celebrate well to glorify God, to edify the present, to renew yourself in the youth of the spirit and for later to take the souls, throughout the day, the fruit of the Divine Sacrifice.

How I wait, with longing and joy, I, prisoner of Love in the Tabernacle, the celebration of the fervent priests! When in the altar there is a worthy minister of mine, I forget somehow the bitterness that the sacrilegious or cold priests cause Me.

My Immaculate Flesh, desecrated by unworthy hands, glorify themselves with the contact of pure hands and I enter lovingly in the heart of the good celebrant, enriching him with a new light and uniting him each time more to Me.

O, if all the consecrated were pure and in love of my Eucharist, how the world would transform!!!

My favorite sons of my Heart, revive your Faith and meditate seriously in your ministry! To your consecrating word I, King of great majesty, humbly obey and descend to the altar. In your hands the live Incarnation is realized as it happened in the bosom of my most pure Mother. And doesn’t such a great mystery, such a great gift, that I have given you leave you confused?


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