Paroli di Gesú a suoi sacerdoti

(Words from Jesus To His Priests)











Whoever believes in the existence of the devil (and let it be clear that whoever does not believe in this is not Catholic), also knows his destructive projects and his demolishing action. The devil lacks love, but doesn’t lack intelligence: he doesn’t love, better yet he hates the work of salvation accomplished by Christ, but he knows perfectly what he needs to counteract it. If Lord Jesus, to continue His work of salvation in the centuries, needs many priests and, most of all, saintly priests, the devil knows that to counter act the Redeeming action of Christ there is no better strategy than attacking the heart of the Church by attacking the priests. And if the lack of priests can serve the devil’s game, even better it will serve for his game the lack of sanctity in the priests. Few priests and, if possible, destroyed! This is his dream.
The devil knows that one less priest means one less good, and he also knows that one more priest, one more enemy of Christ who works for him and for Hell. The priests who do not love Christ and don’t serve him as He deserves, turn into the best collaborators of the devil, and in the worst enemies of the Church. Leon Bloy writes: “Holy clergy makes the people be virtuous, the virtuous clergy makes the people to be honest, and the honest clergy makes the people to be generous”. And it could be added: the impious clergy delivers the people to Satan, bleeds the Church, paralyzes it, makes it sterile, and tends to no longer be its spouse, but… enemy of Christ.
The devil firmly believes in all of this, it’s his “creed” and all his action is inspired by this “creed”. Therefore, the call to order battle in Hell is: “Attack the priests”. And the world, that world who has hated Jesus and also hates his turns into an echo: “Attack the priests”. Our time confirms these events, this infernal plan.
If in the old days they killed priests making them martyrs and, consequently, in banners which gave valor to the other Christians, today, being more skilled and experts, the enemies of Christ try to corrupt the priests, in the Faith and in life, even making that the corrupt be the faithful that are entrusted. And in many cases their efforts are crowned by victory. Certainly more than what could be thought.

The plan that tries to destroy the clergy in their Fidelity to Christ and the Church is very well studied and articulated.

1. Corrupt the priests as far as possible, making them convert into disciples of errors and of the vices of the world, and no longer in teachers of truth and virtue. Now no longer as guides, but… guided; now no longer as conquerors of souls but… as conquerors of the world.

2. Intimidate and practically oblige to silence whoever doesn’t allow to be corrupted. And it is a fact, many priests that are good, rich in interior life, still living with integrity their personal life, now do not combat the good battle and remain silent the miseries of our time so as not to crash with the world!

3. Ridicule whoever has not allowed himself to be corrupted, or intimidated, to make him lose credibility in front of the people.

4. Slander whoever hasn’t stopped, not even faced with the fear of being ridiculous, and pass as old-fashioned.

5. And, finally, ignore and isolate whoever is willing to go to the last consequences of fidelity to his mission.


And, as a complement of the work, another order of battle resounds: “Exalt the renegaded priests, the traitors, who are always ready to counteract Christ’s Gospel and to give their consent to the gospel of the world. To speak well of these, giving them space to their interventions and, most of all, make them appear as misunderstood prophets by the Church”.


But Jesus has pity of his priests; knows their difficulties and the obstacles they faced, and he does not forget the generosity with which one day, they gave Him their “yes”. He wants His priests to be holy, for their own good and for the good of the Church and of all Humanity.


These “Divine Laments” want to awaken the lukewarm or tired priests, confused or full of nostalgia of a past love, which already extinct, or almost, between Jesus and his favorite friends. With these words Jesus wants to give a soul to the priesthood of the priests, so they can again be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.


To meditate over these pages will do much good to each priest. And it will also do it to the laity. But no one can use them as a pretext to be the judge of some priest. The Lord is who judges! It’s not judges what a priest in difficulties or that maybe is already out of the way needs. Judges, capable only of criticizing his work, he has already found in excess by his way, also when he was a good priest.


What he maybe lacked is the discreet and consoling presence of some friend, and even more the prayer of many brothers, that know that to the priest you can’t and should not only ask, but that also we should give; at least the support that can be invoked to the Lord for him, so he will always be faithful and generous in his love to Christ and in his service to his brothers.


Spreading these pages is certainly useful to make many Christians understand how needy a priest can be of your friendship and of your prayers.

Father Enzo Boninsegna

Verona, Italy October 30, 1991.




 Scientific progress has increased considerably. In a time you thought that the earth was the center of the Universe, but the look given recently to your planet, from the interstellar spaces, has made you understand better that the earth, inhabited for millenniums, is no more than a point of the infinite Universe. Over this planet I put the first man and the first woman; they sinned and the consequence of their guilt of origin impacts all Humanity.

 For your love, to repair the damage caused by this fall, even being the true God, I made myself man, turning into your Brother. I have redeemed Humanity and have left you the means so all the children of Adam can get eternal happiness. I have founded My Church and have given it a Boss and other collaborators, so the souls, in the earthly pilgrimage, be illuminated, directed and fed to reach eternal Life.

Among millions of creatures I have selected you, my priests. It’s to you that I address my words. The world was created by Love, redeemed by Love and must head to the eternal Love… God! But in change?... O my ministers, take a look at today’s Humanity. Also in her My Kingdom should be realized; I should reign in every soul and in every aspect of the earth. And in change Satan is the one who reigns… the prince of this world!

 What do you see around you?





Attachment to the amenities more than necessary,

Forgetfulness of God and of eternity,

Hate for your brothers,


Illicit pleasures,

Sinful loves,

All kinds of scandals spread everywhere,




This state of things must end!


Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. The situation of the world today is worse than it was then, because wickedness is more conscious and more refined. What chaos and mental imbalance of many! The hearts that are not full of God take risks and are going from bad to worse. My Light is missing and life is going on in darkness.


I feel compassion for this generation and that’s why I do wonders of graces in the world. Never as in this time has My Merciful Love been so active to warn the souls. But there is such a barrier of darkness that doesn’t let My Light pass to light the way.

 Should I allow that the souls run to perdition?

 Should I show myself indifferent when faced with the insults they give Me, faced with the contempt for my Law, faced with all the infamies with which the earth is covered? No, because I would be an unjust God!

 Men claim their right And I, that am a God of infinite Justice, will not claim my rights?... I search for love, I search for reparation. I am still agonizing! I agonize in the world, I agonize in the souls!

 You, O my priests, are not strangers to my lament; also you will have your share of the blame and, unfortunately… the bigger part.

I talk to all my ministers and in a particular way to the ones who pierce My Heart. My words, more than a sad alarm, wants to be a pious lament and a loving invitation to meditate on the sorrowful conditions of the world, to enter deeply in yourselves, to shake you, to retake with zeal your apostolate, to tear out from Satan the souls I have rescued with My Blood. o Virgen María


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