MESSAGE GIVEN TO J.V. (1998), One of the First Public Messages


Petition from the Holy Virgin:

The Holy Mass and the Holy Rosary in itself have a great value, and it will increase according to the devotion that we put on them and to our grade of depth in prayer and petition that we have, but the following experience will let us to better understand how we must do our prayers.

The Holy Virgin had asked us, my companion of the mission and me, that after the Holy Mass we should pray the Rosary. We used to start invoking the Holy Trinity and we would offer our prayers through the intercession of the Holy Virgin or Saint Joseph, who we asked to preside what we were requesting. We did it that way a few times, until one day, when we started the Creed, suddenly I had a vision (given to me by the Holy Spirit), with my eyes closed I could “see” with other eyes (of the soul), I saw up in the sky that Heaven was open, you could see a round hole and many people standing looking through it and observing us. Then I heard an internal voice telling me: Why don’t you invite us the Angels and the Saints to pray the Holy Rosarywith you?

Immediately I told my companion what they had told me and as a response we told the Holy Trinity that we also were inviting the Angels and Saints to pray with us. A moment passed and suddenly some souls from Purgatory presented themselves to me and made the same petition of joining us, and immediately my companion said: And also we unite ourselves to all the Rosaries being prayed in this moment in all the Earth.

We kept on praying and suddenly I heard a voice from Heaven telling me: “When you two pray the Holy Rosary, your Rosary is worth for two, but when you invite everybody (in Heaven, Purgatory, and the earth) your Rosaries are worth for millions”.
From that day on we procured to invite everyone and now, not only to pray the Rosary, but also to go to Mass or to sing or any other thing that we do to give glory and praise to the Holy Trinity and the Holy Virgin Mary.

With respect to the Holy Mass, I’ve had three very beautiful experiences. The first one happened one day when we arrived to Mass, my companion and I started throwing kisses to the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, because the previous day God the Father had told my companion that this mission had been given to both of us by Him because the Holy Virgin of Guadalupe had interceded for us so it was given to us.

Imagine the happiness we had. But let’s keep on with the story. We were just entering the Church throwing kisses to the Holy Virgin, when She stopped us immediately and tells me: “No, my son, when you enter the Church, first say hello to My Son and then to Me. And I am going to indicate to you the things you must do when you go to Mass:
1. First say hello to My Son, and then to Me.
2. Forget about everything outside (so you won’t be distracted).
3. You are in the presence of My Son (this is by knowing that He is present in the Sanctuary and in our heart).
4. Pay attention to the Mass with the greatest possible fervor.
5. And NEVER forget to give Him thanks for all the blessings that you received in a Mass.

The second experience I want to share with you is intimately related with the Mass. While praying I see myself in space and I see the Earth far away. I saw it like that for a moment and suddenly I see coming from the depth of space and coming from the right and the left side and towards the Earth, and ray of blue light, which comes to Earth and covers her in blue, and in that instant I am given the knowledge that each time that there is a consecration (in a Mass) in any part of the world, the WHOLE Earth receives blessings. This will better explain the third experience.

One day I was helping the priest during the Mass, I closed my eyes to invite Heaven, Purgatory, and the Earth and immediately had a vision. The Church disappeared, as such, and it appears much larger, without walls, I saw a lot of people dressed in white with palms in their hands, and standing in line coming towards the Church. Up in the sky I saw three thrones, in the middle throne wasGod the Father, and to His right, the throne was empty, and on His Left the Holy Spirit.

It called my attention seeing that God the Father and God the Holy Spirit were the same as we have seen Our Lord, but both of them had over Their heads a small flame of fire. When I saw the throne of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I asked where was He and they made me turn towards the Altar and I saw him by the Priest officiating the Mass. That is how we can explain to ourselves, why so many blessings are obtained in a Mass, Jesus himself is there present.


Translation by Carmen Morell


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