My very dear and beloved daughter, the schism I spoke about, has begun in the Catholic Church. My teachings, which have never changed since My Holy Scriptures ended with the Book of Revelations, are now being confronted. There have been a number of challenges, opinions, and theological evaluations of My Sacred Word through the centuries. Many men questioned the instructions and the teachings that I taught to Humanity. Some of My Teachings were taken apart, analyzed, new interpretations were given, and then were accepted. This has been unnecessary. Because the truth was given to man by the prophets who came before Me and later by Me, during My time on Earth. The truth has never changed. The truth is simple.


Other information, not contained in the Sacred Scriptures, was given to the world as a gift, through chosen souls for one reason: to help you contemplate over My sacrifice for Humanity and remind you the love I have in My Heart for all the children of God. Any divine revelation given to the world today is to help you prepare for the Eternal Life. My teachings, honored by the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, are now being attacked in the first of many challenges, that will result in the division of the Church.


New laws will be introduced to adjust to the modern opinion so you can feel comfortable with those that, with pride in their souls, feel a need to pacify Humanity, instead of showing obedience to the teachings of the Church. I am the Church. The Church was founded by Me and it will never die.


Many, including those within, as well as outside the Church, will try to break its structure. Ask that My Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, remains strong amidst the opposition which he now faces. This is a deliberate intent by those connected with the False Prophet, to create a new church. These astute people will have to make him believe that this will be the same Church, it this cannot be.


How can My Church represent Me, with new laws, deviated from the truth which I gave the world? It cannot be. This is why My Father will direct His Church, the true faithful believers, from Heaven. He will keep the keys until the Second Coming when the New Jerusalem will rise, the only and true Church, from the pure ashes, to be reclaimed by all the children of God, all the religions, all the creeds, like only one.


This is the way in which it was destined to be, in total and final union, in the New Paradise on Earth.


Your beloved Jesus Christ.
Saturday, April 7, 2012, at 10:00 hours.








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