My Beloved Sons, today remember my second apparition which occurred in the poor Cova daIria, in Fatima, on June 13, 1917.
I predicted then what you are seeing in these times. I announced the great battle between Me, the Woman dressed with the Sun, and the enormous Red Dragon who has led humanity to live without God.

I also predicted the astute and hidden work realized by masonry, to turn you away from the observance of the Law of God and make you in that way victims of sins and vices.
Most of all, as a Mother, I have wanted to warn you of the great dangers that threaten the Church today, due to the many diabolical attacks that are being done against Her to destruct it.

To achieve this end, the black beast that comes up from the sea, comes in rescue, from the earth, a beast that has two horns, similar to a lamb.

The lamb, in the Holy Scripture, has always been the symbol of sacrifice. In the night of the Exodus, a lamb is sacrificed and, with its blood, spread on the lintel and the jambs of the houses of all the Hebrews, to remove them from the punishment that, on the other hand, reaches the Egyptians.
The Jewish Easter remembers this event each year with the immolation of a lamb, which is sacrificed and consumed.

On Calvary, Jesus Christ immolates Himself for the redemption of humanity. He makes himself our Easter and turns into the true Lamb of God who takes away all the sins of the world.
The beast has on its head two horns similar to those of a lamb.
The symbol of sacrifice is intimately joined to the Priesthood: the two horns. In the Old Testament, the High Priest wore a head covering with two horns. The Miter, with two horns, is carried by the Bishops of the Church, to indicate the absoluteness of their Priesthood.

The black beast is similar to a panther indicates masonry; the best with two horns, similar to a lamb, indicates the infiltrated masonry within the Church, meaning the Ecclesiastical masonry, which has spread over all between the members of the Hierarchy.

This masonic infiltration within the Church has already been foretold by Me in Fatima, when I announced that Satan would introduce himself up to the Apex of the Church.

If the objective of masonry is to lead all souls to perdition, leading them to the cult of false divinities, the end in mind of Ecclesiastical masonry, on the other hand, is to destroy Christ and his Church, building a new idol, meaning, a false Christ and a false Church.

Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God, is the Incarnate Verb, is True God and True Man, since he joins in his divine Person the human nature and the divine nature.

Jesus, in the Gospel, has given Himself the most complete definition, saying He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

Jesus is the Truth, because he reveals the Father to us; He tells us his definitive Word, leads to the perfect fulfillment of the complete Divine Revelation.

Jesus is the Life, because he gives us the same divine life with the Grace earned by Him with the Redemption; and He institutes the Sacraments as effective means that communicate the Grace.

Jesus is the Way which leads to the Father through the Gospel which He has given us as a way to follow to reach salvation.

Jesus is the Truth, because He is –Living Word- fountain and seal of all Divine Revelation.

Then the ecclesiastical masonry works to obscure his Divine Word, through the natural and rational interpretations and, with the pretext of making it more comprehensive and accepted, empties it of all supernatural content.

That is how the errors are spread through all the parts within the same Catholic Church. Because of the spreading of these errors, today many move away from the true faith, turning into reality the prophecy which I had given to you in Fatima.

-Times will come in which many will lose the faith.

-The loss of faith is apostasy.

The ecclesiastical masonry acts in a very astute and diabolical way to lead all to the apostasy.

Jesus is Live because He gives the Grace.

The ecclesiastical masonry has as a purpose to justify sin, presenting it no longer as evil, but as a value and good. Therefore, it is advised to realize it as a way of satisfying the demands of your own nature, destroying the root from which repentance could be born, and said which is no longer necessary to confess.

Maleficent fruit of this damned cancer, which has spread throughout all the Church, is the disappearance, in all parts, of individual confession. The souls are led to live in sin, rejecting the Grace of life that Jesus has offered.

Jesus is the way that leads to the Father through the Gospel.

The ecclesiastical masonry favors the exegesis which is given of Him by the rationalist and natural interpretations, through the means of the application of various literary genders, in a manner that He remains lacerated in all his parts.
At the end you reach the denial of the historical reality of the miracles and of His resurrection, and the very divinity of Jesus and his Saving Mission are put in doubt.

-After having destructed the historical Christ, the beast with two thorns similar to a lamb, tries to destruct the Mystical Christ which is the Church.

The Church instituted by Christ is only one: the Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, One, founded over Peter. Like Jesus, also the Church founded by Him which constitutes his Mystical Body, is truth, life, and way.

-The Church is truth because only to Her Jesus has conferred the custody, in its integrity, of all the deposit of Faith.

He has conferred it to the Hierarchical Church, meaning, the Pope and the Bishops united to Him.

The ecclesiastical masonry tries to destruct this reality with the false ecumenism, which leads to the acceptance of all the Christian churches, affirming that each one of them possesses a part of the truth.

It is harboring the plan of founding an ecumenical universal Church formed by the fusion of all the Christian denominations, in which the Catholic Church would be among them.

-Church is life because it gives the Grace, and only She possesses the effective means of the Grace, which are the seven Sacraments.

It is life especially because She alone has received the power to generate the Eucharist, through the Ministry and Hierarchy of the Priesthood.

In the Eucharist Jesus Christ is truly present with his Glorious Body and his Divinity.

Then the ecclesiastical masonry tries to attack, in many deceitful ways, the ecclesial piety towards the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Of it, it only values the aspect of the Supper. It tends to minimize its sacrificial value; it tries to deny the personal presence and real of Jesus in the Consecrated Hosts.
This is why gradually the external signs that are an indication of faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist have been gradually reduced, as the kneeling, public hours of adoration, the holy costume of filling the tabernacle with lights and flowers.

-The Church is way because it leads to the Father, through the Son, and the Holy Spirit, by the way of perfect unity.

Since the Father and Son are one, so you should be one thing between you. Jesus has wanted that His Church be a symbol and instrument of unity of all the human gender.

The Church manages to be united because it has been founded over the cornerstone of its unity: Peter and the Pope who represents Peter’s charisma.

Then the ecclesiastical masonry tries to destroy the foundation of the unity of the Church with the astute and hidden attack against the Pope.
She weaves the plans of dissent and replies to the Pope; maintains and rewards those who vilify and disobey him; spreads the criticism and the oppositions of the Bishops and theologians.
In this way the principal foundation of its unity is demolished, and so the Church is each time more lacerated and divided.

-My Beloved Sons, I have invited you to consecrate to my Immaculate Heart and to enter in this my maternal refuge, most of all to preserve and defend you against this terrible insidiousness.

That is why in the Act of Consecration of my Movement, I have asked you to free yourselves to all aspirations of “our career”.

In that way you can remove yourselves from the most dangerous and strong insidiousness used by masonry, to associate a secret sect to so many of my beloved sons.

I lead you to a great love, to Jesus Truth, making you brave testimonies of faith; to Jesus Life, leading you to a great sanctity; to Jesus Way, asking you to be in life only Gospel lived and announced exactly.
Later I will lead you to a great love for the Church.

-I make you love the Church –truth, making you stronger announcers of all the truths of the Catholic faith, while at the same time you oppose, with strength and valor to all the errors.

-I make you Ministers of the Church-life, helping you to be loyal and holy Priests. Be always available to the needs of the souls, lend yourselves with generous abnegation to the ministry of Reconciliation, and be burning flames of love and zeal towards Jesus present in the Eucharist.

That in your churches again you will have frequently the hour of public Adoration and reparation to the Holy Sacrament of the altar.

-I transform you in testimony of the Church-way, and I make you precious instruments of its unity. That is why I have given you, as a second commitment of My Movement, a particular unity with the Pope.

Through your love and your fidelity, the divine design of the perfect Unity of the Church will return and shine in all its splendor.

In that way, the dark force that the ecclesiastical masonry exerts today to destroy Christ and his Church, I oppose with the strong splendor of my priestly and faithful army, so Christ will be loved by all, listened and followed, and his Church be each time more loved, defended, and sanctified.

Most of all in this shines the victory of the Woman dressed with the Sun and My Immaculate Heart has its most luminous triumph.


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