My Beloved Sons, today you adore and invoke the Holy Spirit, who descended in Pentecost over the Apostles and the disciples gathered with Me in the Cenacle in Jerusalem.
You continue invoking Him in these your times, with trust and perseverance, gathered with Me in many Cenacles of prayer that are already disseminated all over the earth.

With My Marian Movement of Priests, I invite today all the sons of my Church to gather in a perennial Cenacle of prayer with Me, your Heavenly Mother.
I invite all the Bishops, Priests, Religious, and Faithful.

My Immaculate Heart is the place of this new, spiritual, and universal Cenacle. In it you must enter with your act of consecration, that trusts you to Me forever, so I can unite my voice to yours in the invocation of the Grace of a second Pentecost over the Church and over all Humanity.

Only the Spirit of the Lord can renovate the Church with the splendor of its unity and sanctity.

Only the Spirit of the Lord can overcome the potency and victorious strength of the enormous Red Dragon, that, in this century of yours, has unchained everywhere, in a terrible manner, to seduce and deceive all humanity.

The enormous Red Dragon is the atheist communism who has disseminated through all parts the error of denial and obstinate rejection of God.

The enormous Red Dragon is the atheist Marxism which is represented with ten horns, meaning with the potency of its media communications, to guide humanity to disobey the Ten Commandments of God, and with its seven heads, a crown on each one, a sign of power and royalty. The crowned heads indicate the Nations in which the atheist communism has established itself and dominates with force of its ideological, political, and military power.

The enormity of the Dragon clearly manifests the great extension of the earth occupied by the uncontested domain of the atheist communism. Its color red because it uses war and blood as instruments of its numerous conquers.

The enormous Red Dragon, in these years has been able to conquer humanity with the error of theoretical or practical atheism, which has already seduced all nations of the earth. In this way it has been able to build a new civilization without God, materialistic, selfish, hedonist, arid, and cold, which carries itself the germs of corruption and death.

The enormous Red Dragon has the diabolical objective of taking away all humanity from God’s domain, the glorification of the Holy Trinity, and the full actions of the Father’s Plan that, through the Son, has created for his Glory.

The Lord has covered Me with his Light and the Holy Spirit with its Divine Potency; in that way I appear as a great sign in the sky, a Woman clothed with the Sun, because I have the mission of taking away humanity from the domain of the enormous Red Dragon and re-guide all of it to the perfect glorification of the Holy Trinity.

That is why I am forming the army of my smallest sons, in all parts of the world, and I ask them to consecrate to My Immaculate Heart. In this way, I guide them to live only for the Glory of God, through faith and charity, and I culture them, myself, jealously in my heavenly garden.

Then, each day I present myself before the throne of my Lord in an act of profound adoration, open the gold door of My Immaculate Heart and offer from between my arms all these, My little sons, saying:

“Holy and Divine Trinity, in the moment of Your universal denial, I present to You the homage of my maternal reparation, by means of all these, My little ones, that each day I form for Your greater glorification.”


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