My Beloved Sons, today you venerate Me in a very special way on the First Saturday of this month of May, which you dedicate in a special way.
You meet in Cenacles of fraternity and prayer with your Heavenly Mother. How much solace you give to my deep sorrow; how much happiness you give to My Immaculate Heart! Because, through you who have responded to my call, the devotion towards Me is already flourishing in all the Church.

In this way I can exercise, in these your times, the great power that has been given to Me by the Holy Trinity, to turn harmless the attack that my Adversary, the Red Dragon, has unleashed against Me, vomiting from its mouth a river of waters to submerge me.

The river of water is formed by the group of all the new theological doctrines which have tried to darken the figure of your Heavenly Mother, of denying my privileges, of re-dimensioning the devotion to Me, and of ridiculing all my most devotees.
Because of these attacks from the Dragon, in these years the piety towards Me has been diminishing in many faithful and, in many places, it has completely disappeared.
But in assistance of your Heavenly Mother the two wings of the great eagle have come to Her rescue.
The great eagle is the Word of God, most of all the Word contained in the Gospel of My Son Jesus.

Between the four Gospels, the eagle indicates Saint John’s gospel because he flies higher than all the others; it enters into the very heart of the Holy Trinity, affirming with force the divinity, eternity, and the consubstantiality of the Verb and the divinity of Jesus Christ.

The two wings of the eagle are the Word of God received, loved, and guarded with the faith and the word of God lived with Grace and Charity.

The two wings of faith and charity –meaning the Word received and lived by Me-, have allowed Me to fly over the river of waters of all the attacks directed against Me, because they have manifested to the world my greatness.
Later I have found my refuge in the desert.

The desert in which I have established my usual abode is formed by the heart and the soul of all those sons that receive Me, listen to Me, trust completely in Me, and consecrate to My Immaculate Heart.

In the desert in which I find myself today, I perform my greatest wonders. I perform them in the heart and in the soul, meaning, in the life of all my small sons.
In that way I guide them to follow Me by the way of Faith and Charity, making them receive, love and guard the Word of God and helping them to live it each day with coherence and valor.

In silence and concealment, meaning in the desert in which I am, I work strongly so that My consecrated sons believe today in the Gospel, let themselves be guided only by the Wisdom of the Gospel, and always be a live example of the Gospel.

This is the mission that I have prepared for the army that I have formed in all parts of the world with my the Marian Movement of Priests: let themselves be transported by Me over the two wings of the great eagle, meaning, faith and charity, by hosting with love, in these your times, and living only the Word of God.

The great wonders that I realize today in the desert in which I am are to transform completely the life of my small sons, so they become brave testimonies of faith, and luminous examples of sanctity.

In this way, in the silence and concealment, each day I prepare my great victory over the Dragon with the triumph in the world of My Immaculate Heart.



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