My Beloved Sons, live the Paschal joy.

Jesus Christ scourged, crowned with thorns, vilified, taken to the Cross, crucified and executed like a thief, has resurrected.
With the power that comes from his Person and the divine nature, He has reclaimed from the death his human nature and, in the splendor of his Glory, has come out victorious from the sepulcher. Christ has resurrected and is alive amidst you.

Don’t be afraid: He guides the happenings of the human history to the realization of his Father’s Will and his great plan of salvation.
Christ Resurrected in how in Heaven, seated in his throne of Glory at the right hand of the Father.


All things are submitted to Him.
Under his footstool all his enemies will be humiliated and defeated.
From this day of the human history the full glorification of Christ Resurrected opens.
Christ Resurrected will return to you over the clouds of heaven, in full glare of his glory.


Live today in wait of his glorious return. Don’t allow to be discouraged by the momentary triumph of evil and sin. Don’t be saddened by the actual victory in the world of the obstinate rejection of God in the world, of the rebellion to His love, of the impiety so universal. Don’t allow that not even the doubt or the distrustfulness assaults you when seeing the Church so hurt and beaten, rampant and betrayed.
The Paschal joy exceeds all human reason of apprehension and sadness.

Christ resurrected is alive amidst you.
Christ resurrected with his victory marks the happenings of the world and of history.
Christ resurrected wants to install his Reign within you, so He will be glorified by the all created Universe.

Live always in the joy and in assured hope, in wait of his glorious return.

March 26, 1989 Easter Sunday



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