In the new sepulcher today rests the Body of My Son Jesus in the dream of death. In my virginal womb, where the Verb of the Father descended after my Yes which I gave at the moment of the Annunciation, the Spirit rests.

And I feel as a Sorrowful Mother and satisfied, hurt and appeased, submerged in an ocean of sorrow and wrapped in a mantle of peace, shaken by the weeping and imbued of an interior and divine blessing.

Now all has been accomplished.
Now I keep vigil in an act of unceasing prayer, while My Heart opens up with the assurance of the Resurrection of My Son Jesus; my mind is illuminated to the light of the prophecy, and my person is completely projected in tension of the wait of this glorious moment.

+ It is the day of my maternal solitude.
+ It is the day of immense sorrow.
+ It is the day fruitful of my assured hope.
+ It is the first day of my new and spiritual maternity.

My Beloved Sons, enter into the cradle of My Immaculate Heart and also prepare yourselves for the moment of your birth.
In the new sepulcher, where the Body without life of My Son Jesus lies for only this day, deposit the man within you who must die.

Deposit the man in sin and in vice, of hate and selfishness, of avarice and lustfulness, of arrogance and pride, of discord and incredibility.

Today let everything that you have inherited from the first man die.
And finally come out to the light the new man that is born in the new sepulcher, where Christ has resurrected in the glorious splendor of his divinity.

+ The new man of grace and sanctity.
+ The new man of love and communion.
+ The new man of mercy and purity.
+ The new man of humility and charity.
+ The new man of docility and obedience.
+ The new man of light and sanctity.
+ The new man formed in the new sepulcher and who acquires life in the joyous moment of the Resurrection of Christ.

This birth of yours is realized in the cradle of My Immaculate Heart, next to Me, your tender Mother, that starts in this way the new task of my spiritual and universal maternity.

Only this new man, who is born in the Paschal Mystery of Christ, can open wide the door of the sepulcher, in which today all humanity lies dead, to make it resurrect to the new era of grace and sanctity, that Christ Resurrected has brought in the moment of his victory over sin and over death.

March 25, 1989 Holy Saturday




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