Who has exalted Me the most? I will tell you who have exalted Me the Most: the New Era has done it. Yes! “There was a woman, whose dress was the sun and who had the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head” (Rv 12:1), “him who lives for ever and ever, who created heaven and what is in it, the earth and what is in it, and the sea and what is in it” (Rv 10:6), I have placed Her above all these things.


The Queen of Heaven is always in the presence of the throne of the Highest. The greatness of Her Name is not less than the highness of Heaven over the earth, Her Name, wrapped in a mantle of light. That the whole world bends its knee before Her who carries the Sacred Name:


In Her Immaculate Womb, She glorified Me, receiving Me, the Lamb without stain, making a Sanctuary for the Sanctuary. Come and sing a new song in Her Honor. That all who live in the world venerate Her Immaculate Heart, the Altar in which I was conceived and in which I converted into a Man God, also. No one has glorified Me more as the Woman dressed with the sun. Yes!
She is so magnificently beautiful in Her perfect Love, that the islands, the mountains, the hills, the valleys and the springs, all do a profound reverence when She passes by them. And today, as yesterday, when the Most Perfect Love passes over the earth, escorted by My Angels, whose eyes never cease admiring the Admirable, the Most Holy of all the Virgins, marveling the Beauty of the Master Work of My Father, when she passes over the earth. She intervenes lovingly and responds to our pleas.


Allow Me to tell you: My Sacred Heart is your sky, creation. My Sacred Heart that so many of you refuse and reject, is her Heaven, Her Paradise, Her Kingdom, Her Inheritance, Her Place of Repose for all Eternity. Therefore, come closer, to this Heart that loves you so much, and I will pour, from My Heart to your heart, countless blessings, to turn your soul so beautiful as spring, to turn your soul into a tower of ivory, a Heaven only for Me. How can anyone doubt My Love? Today, I want to show you, in My great Love, My Mother’s Heart.


O Masterpiece of My Father! O Sublime Masterpiece of Yahweh! Spouse of My Holy Spirit! My Radiant Tabernacle! Your Heart, Beloved of the Beloved (Trinity) is One with Ours! Your Heart is My fenced garden, a sealed fountain. Your Heart is a Fountain that makes gardens fertile. Your Heart, Adorable, is My Throne, in which I have been honored. Heart of the Heart, which I crowned in Our presence and in the presence of all My heavenly court. How can any of My creatures deny Your Heart?


You, the Arch of power, all dressed with virtues, My New Song, My Harp, My Citadel, in Whom the Maker of heaven and earth is raptured by Your magnificence. You, who are before Our Presence, are always so close of all who invoke You. But, how has man fallen so low and has taken a deceitful way to deny Your Heart?


Creation, haven’t you heard that I am the Heart of Her Heart, the Soul of Her Soul, the Spirit of Her Spirit? Haven’t you heard that Our Two Hearts are united in One? Consider My Redeeming Heart, consider Her Co-Redeeming Heart, consider the Delight of My Heart, coming out as the dawn to illuminate the earth in its darkness. Consider the Heart of the Queen that radiates over humanity, more brilliant in Her Resplendence than all the constellations together. More resplendent than the sun.Radiant like My Glory for Her exceptional perfection. Consider the Tabernacle of your God. Consider and value, amply, how I value My Throne.


Don’t ask: How can it be that the Highest has assigned to Her a throne so high in his Heavenly Courts? Look, not only He has assigned Her as Queen of My Angels and of My creatures, but has assigned Her to be My Throne. The Queen of Heaven and of the earth is the Throne of the King of kings, because I, the Lord of All have placed Her, in first place, in My Sacred Heart.


Born to be My Crown of Splendor, born to be the Vessel of the True Light, who was made flesh by David’s lineage, born to be My honor and My pride. The Spirit with Me and with the Father said:

“Mary full of grace, We are with You.
We won’t hide any of our secrets,
Our breath will be your breath,
pure aura of Our Glory.
Mary, Our image of Our Goodness,
We give you Our Peace in Your Heart.
In this perfect Heart, I, the Son, will triumph.
Our Heart will be Your Heart,
a fiery furnace of divine love.
Our Soul will be Your Soul (Life like in Lk 9:24)
an august treasure, a Paradise for Us.
Our Spirit will be Your Spirit.
Yes, therefore, everything that is united to Us
is a spirit with Us”.


This is She who We have favored so highly. She whom so many reject and that, nevertheless, is the balm of your eyes, the balm of your wounds, the merciful intercession before the Eternal Father of Her pleas. The intercessor and advocate of your soul.


Weak man…the Spouse of My Holy Spirit, is the Temple of the Temple, the promised land of the weak and the unfortunate, the reflection of My eternal light. The Consoler of Her Consoler is the relief of your sufferings… What has man to say? What can man say in his being? How can he discover something heavenly in his perishable body, when his soul is oppressed by sin, the soul that the All Powerful Hand of My Father has made? You, man, govern your mind without light, without sense.


Today, man, open you heart, then all the mysteries that seemed unfathomable will be revealed by My Divine Light, Three times Holy, and you will understand who is the Woman dressed with the sun.


Then, all your being will be lifted and your heart will be rejoiced and enraptured when the veil of your eyes disappearsto see the Blessed Heart of the blessed hearts, the Most Holy of the holy, the Incomparable Heart, flaming with limitless love, and lighted fire and very brilliant.


Then, My friend, you will understand what Virtue is, and how in this Virtuous Virginal Heart, I, God, became Man God. You will see the Mother of your Savior, Mother of the prophets, Mother of the disciples, Mother of the charismas, Mother of the Triumph, Mother of limitless graces, and Mother of incomparable Redemption. The Vineyard of the True Vine, the Way towards the Way, which lead all to Me, the wide open Door in heaven, so all can enter and have eternal life.


Haven’t you realized how My Heart melts and always favors Her Heart? How can this Heart, who carried your King, be denied anything that She asks Me? All the people bless Her Heart, because when you bless Her Heart you will be blessing Me.
Regal and adorable you will proclaim Her, once you meet Her. So lift up your eyes, creation, in front of the vision of Her Heart and I promise you that you will never stop growing in radiance. Your heart will be raised up to the furnace of Her Heart. And, beating in delight and in fullness, you will enter Her Heart as who enters into an ocean of love, since the riches of Her Heart are as ample as the Sea, which flows towards you and you towards this Sea. The Riches of heaven and earth, all lie in Her Heart and they all can be for you!


Even though the night still covers your mind and your heart, get up! Get up and lift your eyes to this radiant vision of Her Heart, that so many prophets wanted to see in their time, but did not see Her. Get up and sing a new hymn to the Hymn of the Holy Trinity. Sing and say: “Brothers! Brothers! Come and be covered by the Mantle of Grace in the Grace. Come and be covered by the Light of the Queen. Come, let’s be covered by the Only One that was covered by the Holy Spirit”. Haven’t you heard how the nations will come to Her Light and that kings will come to Her Dawning Brilliance, when at the end Her Heart will triumph along with Mine? Mystery for the rich of heart, but for the poor and the humble a Blessing longed for so long.


O come! Before the floods of sin reach you! Come inside this Arch that can save you. Don’t be like your ancestors, in the days of Noah, who did not listen. Come inside the Arch and you will be saved of the tempestuous waters of sin, and of dying in the floods of sin. Come and convert into the promised children of the Mediatrix, as a result of the devotion that you’ve had for Her.


In your devotion to Her, you will be consecrating yourselves to Me. All devotion, honoring Her Heart, will be amplified and will ascend to Me, since Our union is so perfect. In your devotion to Her Heart, all My decrees will be better understood in Her Light, because your steps will be guided by Her Heart, since your hand will be taken by the Very Throne of Graces. How blessed you will be for repeating your devotion to Her Heart!


Come to the Only One, so Blessed, who shows Her Maternal Love to Her children showing them the way to Heaven. Come to the Co-Redeemer of Her Redeemer whose heart, blazing with Love, was offered to be trespassed, also, for your cause. Come and honor this Heart, ablaze like a Lamp, shinning inside and out, close to My Heart.


If you say: “We are not used to Her Heart”, know that in reality you are saying: “We are not used to the Heart of the Lord!”.Learn, weak man, that My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of your Mother are so united that, in its perfect unity, those Two Divine Hearts turn into One. I solemnly say to you: if you recognize Her Heart, not only you will be recognizing My Heart, but also My Father’s heart. Haven’t I said that I am in the Father and Father is in Me? Yes, I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. My Heart is also in the Heart of the Father and His Heart is in Mine. To say that we are inseparables, and One, is to deny My Word. Don’t be slaves of your spirit and don’t let yourselves be defeated by the arguments of the world.


Tell me, which creature’s heart is like the Heart of Mary? There is none as the Heart of Mary, perfect since the beginning, Immaculate since birth and full of Grace, surpassing Her Grace to the graces of My Angels. This is why My Angels, in multitudes, asked one another: “Who is She, behind the veil?” “Why are the tops of the mountains bowing, in reverence, greeting Her as she passes?” “Who is She without blemish in Her Heart and so pleasing to God?” “Have you seen how all God’s creation cast their eyes down when She passes?” “Who is She that is like a fountain that makes fertile all the gardens by Her graces, this fountain of living water?” “Who is She, with such a Heart so pure of divine love, aspiring to God day and night, night and day, and in perfect union with the Highest?” “Who is this Virgin so humble beyondHer great riches of virtues and graces, that the Eyes of the Supreme God never abandon Her?” Many of My angels remained in silence, amazed, unable to say a word…


In that Heart, in that Abysm of grace that I used My Power. The Author of heaven and earth, the Author of the grace, found His heaven in heaven, His grace in the grace, to come in the condition of a slave. I came to the Prodigious Meekness (Holy Virgin) to serve and not to be served. I, the Redeemer of all humanity, the promised Messiah, came to the perfect image of My Sacred Heart, to share the sorrow, the joys, the sufferings, the martyrdom, the marvels, the treasons, the agonies, the scourging, the trespassing, and the crucifixion. TOGETHER, OUR HEARTS EXPIATED.


All the moments that My Holy Mother passed on earth were a perfect hymn of love, charity, humility, and purity. A treasure of My treasures. I came to this Holy Heart, image and likeness of My Sacred Heart, to become Man God, to follow Her steps and for later, She would follow Mine. I have said that She and I share everything, even the way to the Cross.


Our union was so intimately perfect that We did not need to talk, since the same language was in Our Hearts. My words and My thoughts did not need to be taken to Her in My absence. In the supreme power of My Holy Spirit, everything was known by Her. In her virginal heart everything was known by Her, for She possessed God and God possessed Her. In this way, her daily nourishment was the Will of the Eternal Father.


O Creation! My soul is in absolute fright when so many of you deny Her Heart! And My Angels tremble for the day in which I will declare this people guilty! But for those who honored Her and loved Her, the Door to Her Heart will be open for you to enter into Heaven. And I will tell you who love Her and Honor Her: “Come!”, your love for Her was so big on earth, that today you can come to Her room and in front of My Holy Temple, bow”.


Creation, this Great Sign (Rv 12:1) in the sky, the woman dressed with the sun, who has the demons paralyzed with fear, this Great Sign that illuminates the sky, terrorizing the Darkness (the devil) is no other than My Mother. In contrast to darkness, I elevated this Holy Virgin to be for you a pillar of burning fire at night and to guide your step, and in the day, a Sun that illuminates your terrible darkness.


That day in which I was conceived by the Holy Spirit in Her virginal Womb, all the demons were paralyzed by fright, while at the same time, in heaven, a great multitude of the heavenly hosts, praised God and sang:

“Glory to God in the highest,
And peace to the people who enjoy His favor.”


That is how I descended from Heaven, from My Throne into My Throne…
Yes, where every virtue was flourishing, enrapturing My Sacred Heart by the fragrance of Her perfect Love. The Heart of My Perfect does not have a foe, and is completely adorable… Her Heart, since Her Immaculate Conception, was an unceasing prayer, an expiating incense, an unceasing adoration to God. That is My Vineyard (Mary) cultivated by the powerful Hand of My Father, so the True Vine could put His root in that soil.


Come to the Heart of your Blessed Mother, which as brilliant as the day. Come and receive Her graces, which are countless, and that sparkle of rays of Her Hands. My Heart, which is full of grace and truth, was made flesh in the Virginal Womb full of grace and truth. And now, Our Two Hearts, united in One, will conquer the Bitter Plague, not by physical force, or by the force of arms, but with love and sacrifice.



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