(Purgatory: the need to atone in life)

Prepared by Jesus (2010)





This booklet speaks of the Purging Church which gives Glory to God, glory to His Holy Name; it is a wonder to see this, My children, I wanted to show you these points that neither My Church or the priests are making them known, so you may revive your commitment with the faith and with my church.


My dear children, I prepared this booklet about the Purging Church or Suffering Church constituted by the Holy Souls in Purgatory, because they also give Glory to My Heavenly Father by whose just hand they are receiving the punishment for their sins: My Father’s Hand falls over all the souls in Purgatory, and each one of them receives the precise punishment required in justice to atone for his sins.


My children, this branch of the church which is the Purging Church is not clearly understood by many Catholics, you must bear in mind that the members of the church form the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, which is composed of three branches:


1. The TRIUMPHANT CHURCH, constituted by the angels and saints of Heaven.
2. The MILITANT CHURCH, composed by all the live members, and
3. The PURGING CHURCH composed of the holy souls of the deceased who remain in Purgatory for a while to atone their sins; it is something very just and holy to pray for these souls; there are special prayers that are prayed during the Mass for the souls in Purgatory.



The first thing you must know is that the suffering branch of the church is something more than the simple existence of souls atoning for their sins; certainly, it is much more than that, the Purgatory as a place of atonement and intense sufferings on the part of the deceased sinners; it is also a continuous prayer for the renovation of the church and for the conversion and sanctification of the people that still live, as well as a source of super abundant GLORY TO GOD.

This more ample concept of Purgatory that surpasses the individual inside and outside of himself and which constantly renders Glory, must be meditated to recognize its total value.

The reason for its existence must be seen from a very big perspective, created by God in his Divine Wisdom, is a perfection of God to use in his maximum capacity everything He creates, therefore where you, can only perceive only one use or result of a situation or of a created entity, GOD can perceive one dozen uses or results, each use or result increases THE GLORY, THE HONOR, THE PRAISES, AND MAJESTY OF GOD. God cannot create something which will not give him glory; that is impossible.

When God created Purgatory, He wanted it to be a place to give opportunity to humanity of improving for Heaven. It also was His kind intention that the nature of the suffering and the experience and the values derived from the suffering of the blessed souls could contribute to benefit the militant church (us) in the increase of faith, the suffering souls pray constantly for the church, for its priests, for the faithful, and for their own sins to be forgiven. If you notice, children, it is the opposite to hell and to Satan and his cohorts (troops, companions) that constantly want to seduce the people to push them away from GOD and in that way take them to hell so they will share with them the eternal suffering.

The souls of Purgatory knowing that they have been saved recognize THAT GOD IS MERCIFUL, letting them atone for their sins to be able in that way to be perfect and enter into Heaven. They pray constantly for the people of GOD so they are able to atone for their sins, so the church and its faithful will give Glory to GOD as it corresponds to Him, and that all of humanity do the will of God. Purgatory is truly a marvelous and holy institution. God in his Mercy has made that all, the three branches of the Church, pray between themselves and for each one; when they pray they offer the prayers for the people individually as well as for the Church and its faithful.



I want to explain to you how and where the souls in Purgatory pray and suffer according with the needs of each one of them as God himself has determined.
At each hour of the day in all parts of the world there are many people who assist to the Holy Mass. The angels take the souls of Purgatory to different churches to pray and offer acts of praise, honor, and glory to Jesus Christ, God. They fill the churches from the floor to the ceiling and occupy all empty pews. Multitudes of angels and of saints accompany them, whose relics form part of the history and tradition of the Church.

The relics of the saints that are embedded in the altar of the Holy Sacrifice (Mass) are a symbol and manifestation of the sanctity of the Catholic churches. In the churches where they have the relics of a determined saint, that saint is present and participates in all the events of that church. If for some reason there wouldn’t be any relic in the church or places where the Mass is offered, on special occasion the priest must bring the relics and place them under the altar cloth. If this was not done, no special saint would assist, but other saints will come and pray for the will of God to be fulfilled, generally, the saints who assist in these occasions are the Doctors of the Church.



The souls in Purgatory pray for all the Militant Church, as well as for their own families. They worry much and understand all of that for what Heaven also worries. GOD allows that the souls in Purgatory assist to the Holy Masses to give honor and reverence to their Savior, and so they will render special homage to the Holy Eucharist present in the altar and in the Tabernacle.

Many souls are also asked to be present at the side of their relatives on certain special occasions, particularly in the funerals and, especially, in their own funeral. The holy souls have the obligation of suffering in Purgatory and suffer extra time and even more rigorously after having been freed of it (suffering) while they were temporarily away from Purgatory, like when they assist to a Holy Mass. While the Holy Mass lasts, the souls are relieved of their great sufferings but when they return they suffer more and for longer periods. The holy souls suffer less when the MOST HOLY MOTHER OF GOD visits them, but it’s not like that when the angels or saints visit them. The suffering souls accept everything that is asked of them to suffer and praise GOD for His Mercy.



Three levels of suffering exist in Purgatory. THE GREAT PURGATORY is the place where it is most difficult to come out and even though it is not visited by demons, the souls undergo a very big and intense pain. In the SECOND PURGATORY the sufferings are different for each individual, according to the difficulties they had and that led them to sin.

While the third level is called THE PURGATORY OF THE DESIRE and it has two levels:

1.THE FIRST LEVEL is a general awakening to the Majesty OF GOD and His perfections.
2. While THE SECOND LEVEL repairs the soul making it to have a great desire to be with GOD.
The souls can last many years in these two levels because sometimes it is very difficult for those souls who have left earth all of a sudden, to desire Heaven more than the earth, and because they must love GOD above all person and earthly thing. The desires they still have for life, the lack of detachment of earthly things, prevents the desire to be with GOD, especially to those people for which the desire of being with GOD in Heaven was not a part of their lives. To erase the stains of these sins, it takes many years.


The Great Purgatory is for the ones who were saved, as if you said by miracle, their atonement will last for many years. The suffering is intense and all the areas of the heart, of the mind of the body and of the soul suffer. The Second Purgatory reflects the individual sins, such as immodesty in dressing or lack of reverence on the part of the priests.

The sins of committing (sinful acts) are suffered with flames and heat, while the sins of omission (good works omitted or not done) are suffered with cold, certain parts of the body also can suffer.

Dear children, if I keep on describing the many forms of suffering that exist, it will only create more intense fear in your hearts. I have just wanted to make you see that in Purgatory there is real heat, real flames, real suffering, an insatiable suffering of atonement.



My children, how is it that you have not read narratives about Purgatory in the books of the lives of the saints. These books speak about the nature of Purgatory, the ways in which the soul suffers, and also some of these books teach you how to prevent Purgatory and Hell. I recommend them to you. Look for them in the bookstores where they sell religious objects and books.

Being very few who believe that the Mercy of GOD includes atonement for the sins, they do not imagine that they themselves can end in one of those places of suffering (separated souls).

On the other hand, many of my priest’s sons that are walking wayward confuse and distort the nature of sin and, consequently, also confuse and distort the nature of the atonement of sins. Some of these priests have the audacity of saying: “that Hell does not exist, or Purgatory or sin”. What this does, more than anything, is to confuse those people who live trying to prevent sin and who confess regularly as it should be. I am telling you this to make you see how difficult this problem has turned into.

If people no longer believe in the existence of sin, Purgatory or Hell, they will neither feel the need of the Church, of Faith or of GOD. This is a GREAT SACRILEGE. It is a great offense TO THE ETERNAL FATHER.


This causes Me much pain because:

I DIED FOR THE SINS OF MEN. I GAVE MY LIFE so all could go to Heaven, since the door to Heaven was closed due to the original sin, therefore, sin exists in the world.

MY SONS PRIESTS, you have done great harm to the souls of those who have trusted in your words and that now are rampant sinners, who have forgotten GOD and of His Redeeming Act, in one word, you are to blame that these souls go to Hell.

It is a great heresy of the church of today in the part of some of you, the fact of not believing in sin and denying its existence. O! of the perpetrators of such wicked heresies, I TELL THEM: “I WILL CONDEMN YOU”.Go to confession, repent, recognize publicly your error, try to do reparation for your sins, ask for forgiveness to the people for your great sacrilege. I AM TELLING YOU AS AN ORDER.



The Suffering Church (Holy Souls) also begs GOD Their Savior, to put an end to these errors because they are suffering in Purgatory and know the truth about sin, and the atonement that same sin demands.

Think My Children which sins will cause you to go to Purgatory? The sins of committing, as well as the sins of omission, the sins that have not been confessed receive great periods of atonement. Why? Because sin has a permanent consequence or a blemish in the soul that may ONLY be PURIFIED WITH PRAYER, FASTING, PENITENCE, AND SACRIFICE. Let me put it this way:

If a person confesses once a month, goes to Mass every Sunday, and prays the Rosary occasionally, he DOES NOT HAVE sufficient prayers, fasting, sacrifices or acts of penitence necessary to clean all the blemishes of sin:

But if in addition to that:

1. You stop eating meat on Fridays.
2. You fast during Lent.
3. You do special Works of Mercy.
4. You pray the Stations of the Cross.
5. You try to live a life of virtue and sanctity.
6. You go to Mass and receive Communion daily.
7. You pray for the holy souls of Purgatory, asking them to pray for your soul and your perseverance in keeping the commandments of GOD.

Then in your Particular Judgment I will be able to tell you that you have experienced and taken advantage different sources to atone for your sins on earth and that is good, but, nevertheless, your Purgatory will last many years:
Maybe some twenty years...

My Children, this is just an example that I am trying to show you that you must work to atone (satisfy, purge, amend, purify) your sins.




I, JESUS CHRIST, confirm to you that all these Holy Words and instructions ARE MINE and have been presented correctly to you. I love you all my dear children. I pour my blessings over you. Go in peace, I AM yours.

July 29, 2010


Our commentary: What Jesus reveals to us here, Shocking, isn’t it? We have insisted in the urgency of returning to the Father, confessing all the sins, and amend your lives, but as Jesus tells us: that is not enough! The sins committed leave blemishes in the soul that take many years to be erased; they leave true prints. Because of it, we must with urgency, once we are in grace, atone the sins in life with many works, so our time in Purgatory be the briefest as possible.

Also, it is also curious, the language and terms used here. They are similar to the ones in the book: “Purgatory: The last of the Mercies of God”, written by Father DolindoRuotolo, a book that is very difficult to find and which we have already in Spanish in “Our Library”.


What has been expressed by Jesus could be added perfectly to the book, because it is written in the same tone. He has desired, in a certain way, to refine it, revealing facts which are unknown to all. This information is of great benefit for all of us and we have to thank Jesus for having communicated it to us. He has always been very cautious in revealing aspects of the heavenly life. Let’s remember that when He resuscitated his friend Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, Jesus spoke with him and ask him not to reveal anything of what he had seen:
“Even when Lazarus had been gone for four days in My Mysteries, and had seen and understood these Mysteries, I asked him, upon his return, to keep silence and maintain these secrets to himself. I did not want him to give My Riches to the souls who would not know how to make sense of it. The richness is to convert yourself, the richness is to admit that you are a sinner and come to Me, humbly, repentant, and lead a holy life following My Precepts.”


Something very important that we should not forget is the continuous prayer which we should do for the Souls in Purgatory. Sometimes as years pass, we don’t pray any longer for our relatives and friends, thinking that they are already in heaven next to God, but it could be that they are still in the purification stage. As Jesus says it here, the problem is in the sins of omission, that must also be atoned, and without knowing it can be many; a process that can take many years. Forget the grudges, something so human and understandable in many cases, with live people or deceased, it can mean a long process. We must defray (pay) for them without rest and offer them Masses.

We are going to leave you with a very powerful prayer for the blessed souls. You change it, for example, for your parents, grandparents, relatives or friends. Another one for those souls that need it the most, another one for the most forgotten souls, another one for the souls who suffer the most, etc.

This is the prayer:

Eternal Father, I offer you the Most Precious Blood of our beloved Jesus Christ, with all the Masses celebrated in the entire world today for all the blessed Souls of Purgatory, especially for the souls of our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends and people we know (change it accordingly).
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine uponthem. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. (3x)

It’s good to clarify here and in a determined way, that the presence of the Devil is not in Purgatory, how we have read in other written material of so-called visionaries. That is a trick of the very devil so we will doubt the mercy of God. As Jesus tells us, in Purgatory there is punishment, but it is a punishment for love. Do the souls that are there need our prayers? Yes, and many. Let’s not forget to pray for them and order Masses regularly.

So we ask you not to be concerned with is revealed here and start, as Jesus says: “Right now!” start working for your salvation.

Translation by Carmen Morell




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