The 6th Commandment: A deep analysis from the Virgin





 “How many times have I invited you to walk by the way of the mortification of the senses, the control of the passions, of modesty, being a good example, of purity, and of sanctity?


But Humanity has not accepted my invitation and has continued disobeying the 6th Commandment of the Law of the Lord, which prescribes not to commit impure acts.


On the contrary, such transgressions have been exalted and proposed as the conquest of a human value, and a new way of exercising their own personal liberty. In that way, today all sins of impurity have been legalized as being good.


It has started by corrupting the conscience of the children and the teens, taking them to the conviction that impure acts committed when alone are no longer sin (so we leave things clear, She is referring to masturbation); that the premarital relations in the courtship are licit and good; that families can behave freely and draw on the means to prevent births.

It has reached even the justification and the exultation of impure acts against nature, including proposing laws to allow in the family the coexistence of homosexuals.


Never as today, are immorality, impurity, and obscenity continuous propagandas through the press and all the social communication media.


Most of all, television has turned into the perverse instrument of a daily bombardment of obscene images, directed to corrupt the purity of the mind and of the heart of all. (There are evening programs where the viewers – children, teens and adults by themselves (alone) – are stimulated through the images and conversations that excite them sexually, and produce restlessness in them).


The places of diversion, particularly the movies and discotheques, have turned into places of public profanation of the very human and Christian dignity.


It is the time in which the Lord our God is continuously and publicly offended with the sins of the flesh.


The Holy Scripture has already warned you that who sins by means of the flesh, in the same flesh it will find his just punishment.

And so, the time has come in which the Angel of the first scourging passes through the world, so it will be chastised according to the will of God.

The Angel of the first scourging inflicts in the flesh of those who have let themselves be branded with the mark of the monster in the forehead and in the hand and have adored his image, a painful and malignant sore, which makes those who have been afflicted with it, to scream in desperation.

This sore represents the physical pains that hurt the body and cause grave and incurable illnesses.

The painful and malignant sore is a scourging for all humanity, so perverted today, who have built an atheist civilization, materialistic, and makes the search of pleasure the supreme end of human living.

Some of my poor children have been hurt by it, because of their impure sins and their disorderly morals, and carry upon themselves the weight of the evil they have committed.

Others, in the other hand, are hurt still being good and innocent: then their suffering serves for the salvation of many who are evil, due to the solidarity that unites everyone.

The first scourging are the malignant tumors and types of cancer, against which science cannot do anything in spite of its progress in all the sectors; illnesses that spread more each time and hurt the human body devastating it with very painful and malignant sores.

-The first scourging is the illness of A.I.D.S., which hurts most of all my poor children victims of drugs, of vices, and of impure sins against nature.

In these times in which humanity is hit by this first scourging, your Heavenly Mother wants to be for all a help, support, consolation, and hope.

That’s why I invite you to walk by the way of fasting, of mortification, and of penitence.

I ask the small children to grow in the virtue of purity and be helped by their parents and educators in this difficult way.

To the young adults I ask that they behave controling their passions with prayer and a life in union with Me, and to renounce going to the movies and the discotheques where is the gravest and continuous danger of offending that virtue so pleasing to my Immaculate Heart.

To the couples dating and engaged, I ask them to abstain of all relations (included also the sexual games previous) before marriage.

The Christian families, I ask them to behave in the exercise of conjugal chastity and do not use artificial means to prevent life, according the teachings of Christ, that the Church today also proposes with illuminated wisdom.

How much I desire from the Priests of observing scrupulously the celibacy, and of the Religious the faithful and austere practice of their vote of chastity!

To my poor children afflicted by the first scourging of the painful and malignant sore, I present myself as Merciful Mother who soothes and consoles, who brings hope and peace.

To them I ask to offer their sufferings in a spirit of reparation, purification, and sanctification.

Most of all for them My Immaculate Heart turns into a refuge more welcoming and a sure way which will lead them to the God of salvation and happiness.

In this my heavenly garden, all will be consoled and stimulated, while I myself take care of give them loving respite in their suffering and, if it is in the Will of the Lord, to offer the gift of healing.

Therefore, in these times in which humanity is attacked by the first scourging, I invite all to direct your eyes to Me, your Heavenly Mother, to be comforted and helped.”






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